• Nightly Discussion #343

    Good evening! Seems from the latest episode that we have a very happy Lappy! Well, up until the end, anyway. How is everyone tonight?

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  • Drawing Things Out #327

    A new gem in the series means a bunch ton of fan art in celebration!

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  • CN France Airing Three New Episodes Early

    For some strange reason, CN France will be airing three episodes before their US air date. Not only that, but CN France has the option to watch episodes in English - so you can bet there will be uploads online within an hour of them airing. Now, back in the 90's, when there wasn't DVR or high speed internet, this wouldn't be a big deal. But nowadays, with social media and the internet connecting the people of the world, these episodes will be out to the US market. There are two slated for tomorrow and another on Sunday, so that's three episodes in two days - the next three weeks of US episodes. You can wait to watch, but prepare to be spoiled since there are so many episodes being released at once. Find out more info, below the break.

  • Fan-made D&D 5 Steven Universe Supplement

    It’s done! That said, photoshop is a bit weird about Pdfing the whole thing in a way that doesn’t look garbage or break, so I’ll be dealing with that another time.
So, here’s version one.

    Calling all adventurers! If you play Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, here's a set of rules to let you play as a gem! This supplement comes complete with the Gem and Half-Gem races, Rose's shield and Jasper's helmet, two magic spells based on Lapis Lazuli, and cluster monsters to fight. Try it out in your next campaign!

  • New 'Barn Mates' Promo!

    Lapis is not pleased at having to live with Peridot, as can be expected.

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  • Fan Theory: Bismuth is Coming

    Much like Blue Pearl in Garnet's flashback, the Crewniverse has symbolically left a specific gem detailed, while the background gems stay silhouetted. So who is this new gem?

  • Episode Followup: Same Old World

    Lapis, like many other gems, never saw the point in fighting for the Earth. But once Steven got started in showing her around the world, she seemed to understand better. After almost a year, Lapis has returned, and it seems as though her attitude may have improved now that she's not a prisoner.

  • Steven Universe Season 3: New Powers & Abilities To Watch

    Season 3 is underway and already off to a fast-paced start! What do you think is in store for the series coming up? Check out the article below for some speculation about what's to come, as well as some observations on the first two episodes of the new season.

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  • Official Upload of Malachite VS Alexandrite: Part 1 and Part 2

    The battle with Alex and Mala was freaking awesome! Aivi & Surasshu have uploaded the official background tracks for their battle together. Give them a listen, below the break!