• Nightly Discussion #80

    Good evening folks! Hope it's been a wonderful day for all of you! For the artists out there, don't forget the Pearlnet Bomb starts August 31 (tomorrow)! Enjoy a dancing Pearl as you chat below!

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  • Drawing Things Out #73

    Heyo, what's up? Have a great evening, and have a fun time browsing tonight's art post!

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  • Poll Results: Who is your favorite SU teen?

    I realize I should have made the poll say "young adult" rather than "teen", but figured that out a little too late. There were a ton of votes, and in the end, Sadie came out victorious! She had almost half of the entire votes. I guess defeating a gem monsters and putting up with Lars all day works in her favor. Sadie is a pretty swell gal.

    Now check out the new poll to the right! Also, leave suggestions below for potential future polls!

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  • AMV: Love Like You Remix

    Make sure to check out the hottest new AMV from Datis Ausum! This one is freaking amazing, so be sure to watch it. An awesome AMV is waiting for you, after the break!

  • Comic: Campout Adventure! / Death of a DJ / Buck Senpai

    Have fun with these Lars comics! Click 'em for full view.

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  • Fan Dub: Peridot: The Antagonist

    Peridot is such a silly villain! Enjoy this short fandub, featuring the green dorito herself.

  • Animation: Peridot's Redemption

    Check out this super cool animation! It's 6 minutes long, which may be the longest fandom animation that I've found to date. It isn't completely animated, more like a series of detailed storyboards. Still, super amazing, and the music works really well. Be sure to check this animation out!

  • Comic: Arm Swing / Young, Cool, and No Stress / House Accident

    Here's a fun assortment of comics for your day! Click for full view.

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  • Go Vote For Cookie Cat!

    Matt Burnett has made a call to action! And the action is to follow this link, and vote for Cookie Cat! The original link is from round 4, which Cookie Cat came out of. Now it's round 5, and there is some stiff competition! So follow the link and go vote for Cookie Cat until September 2nd!

    Well, we're not Tumblr, but hopefully we can help the cause anyway! Cookie Cat shall be victorious!

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  • Story: Skies I'm Under

    star projector
    [Adventure] [Shipping]

    Author: TheBlindBandit
    Description: Rose leads, Pearl follows. A look at the Rebellion through Pearl's eyes. Featuring lots of world-building and backstory speculation, with mutual Pearl/Rose as the main ship.
    Skies I'm Under