• Nightly Discussion #408

    Stevonnie is so cool, and such an important character. In TV shows, movies, and other media, there have always been homosexuals, even if they were rarely represented and very underground. But one thing that seems to be seen even less often is nonbinary characters. Steven Universe is such an amazing show that they don't just stop at representing the gay/lesbian community. They represent so many minorities in the show, as well as hiring a wide range of varied cast and crew members. All of the characters in SU are so so important, and I'm glad that Sugar is getting to tell her story.

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  • New Greg the Babysitter Clip!

    Nightly Discussion in 15 minutes, but first!

  • Drawing Things Out #394

    Still have some leftover art from last week's episodes, so please enjoy!

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  • New Characters/Voice Actors Revealed

    Looks like some new info dropped after the latest episode.

  • SU Zines From SDCC!

    Some of you may have seen the Crewniverse posting about exclusive Zines they were giving away at San Diego Comic Con. Well, Little Ursa Cosplay managed to collect them all, was awesome enough to provide pictures so we can all read them and check out the awesome art! Do not miss these zines, they are hilarious, beautiful, fantastic, and so much else! There are five zines to check out (but Emerald, there are only four in the picture above! Well then check below the break for the fifth!), so get ready for some awesome reading!

  • Restaurant Wars - Episode Discussion/Streams

    It is a period of culinary war. Rebel pizzas, striking from a delivery truck, have won their first victory against the evil Fryman Empire.
    During the battle, a Rebel secret team member managed to steal secret plans to the Empire's ultimate weapon, FRYBO, a "cute," flammable mascot character designed to make people eat fries.
    Pursued by the Empire's sinister son, RONALDO, Kiki races home, custodian of the stolen plans that can save her family and restore pizza to the Universe....

    Catch the thrilling Restaurant Wars, coming soon (7:00 ET/PT in fact) to a Cartoon Network near you! If you can't get tickets for opening night, don't worry! We've got streams and downloads after the break.
  • Watch a HUGE SU Mural Being Painted LIVE!

    MyntyFresh is over on twitch painting an amazing SU mural! He's playing SU songs and chatting with fans while he works. Check out his channel to see him at work, LIVE NOW!

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  • Beach City Bugle Wants YOU!

    Hello all you fine followers! Do you love gay space rocks? Are you heavily invested in the Steven Universe community? Have you ever wanted to be on the BCB team? Do you want to be apart of an awesome news site dedicated to SU? Are you able tolerate all ships, even the hetero ones? Do you enjoy all the weird and wacky theories SU fans come up with? Are you a cool cat who knows where it's at?

    Then we want YOU! That's right, Beach City Bugle is now looking for a few more volunteers to help out behind the scenes. Since we began a little over a year ago, Beach City Bugle has garnered over 8 million views! Keeping up with all the daily news and community content is starting to become a bit of a handful for the small BCB team, so we're looking to expand.

    If you'd like to join us in the Gemtlemen's Club, please send us an email with your name, age, at least two sample posts (a general content post and a nightly discussion post, so we can get a feel for your writing), and why you think you'd make a great addition to the team! We may ask some followup questions, but we're just looking for basic info for now. Please title your email, 'We Want You!'

    All interested parties should email beachcitybugle@gmail.com! Please be at least 18 years of age.

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  • Comic: Vroom / Tinderly Yours, / Jealous

    Hey, things have settled down enough for a brief enough moment to make a comic post! It's Lapidot!

  • Every Hug On Steven Universe

    If you're not feeling the love this morning, check out this compilation of every time someone has hugged someone else on SU!

  • Music: "It's Over, Isn't It?" (Instrumental) / It's Over Piano Tutorial (Instrumental) / Both Of You (The L-Train's Cover) (Vocal)

    It's been almost a week since Mr. Greg captivated the fandom. Here's another batch of wonderful music!

    1.) "It's Over, Isn't It?" (Instrumental)
    2.) It's Over Piano Tutorial (Instrumental)
    3.) Both Of You (The L-Train's Cover) (Vocal)
  • Fan Theory: Steven Was Never a Moon Boy

    Sometimes it seems like the show can be inconsistent. But a lot of the time when that happens, there's some foreshadowing for something that comes in a later episode. Here's a little theory to get your morning started!