• Nightly Discussion #411

    Ho boy, yesterday's episode gave us a lot to think about. I wonder if she'll end up finding the other three members of her crew. I hope so! :( I wonder if Steven will start to hear stories from other corrupted gems, now that he knows he can heal them partially. Not to mention, communication might be expedited if the gems translate the writing next time. Who knows?

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  • Drawing Things Out #397

    I don't know a good pun to go with yesterday's episode but uh, I hope you're ready for some feels to rival Mr. Greg!

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  • Fan Theory: Pink Diamond Started the Rebellion

    There are definite remnants on Earth and the Moon base that indicate there were 4 members of the Diamond authority. But, as we learned in 'Monster Reunion', by the time the war started, there were only 3. Seemingly a recent development as well, considering that the insignia seen in 'Jail Break' had not yet been incorporated. So what did happen to Pink Diamond? Why have we never seen an image of her? Why don't the Crystal Gems talk about her? There's a theory video below that takes a stab at what might have happened.

  • Alone at Sea - Episode Discussion/Streams

    This is it, folks, we must be finally getting an entire episode dedicated to Yellowtail! We saw him be a Yellow Dad in Drop Beat Dad, but now we can learn more about the man himself. What does he do when he's out at sea? Where does he go to fish? What is his crazy language? This and more will all be revealed! I hope.

    The boat leaves at 7:00 ET/PT on Cartoon Network! If you can't swim, don't fret. We've got downloads and streams after the break.
  • SDCC Panel 2016 Q&A Breakdown

    AwestruckVox has a recap of the hour and a half SDCC SU panel! It would have been great to be there, but AwestruckVox has you covered with both a breakdown, and links to the full panel in his description!

  • Episode Followup: Monster Reunion

    What can be said about this episode? So many new questions! So many feels! I was not prepared for this.

  • Fan Theory: The Diamond Nuke

    Ever since 'Same Old World', there have been questions and theories about that flash of light that Lapis described in her flashback story. Centipeetle described the same thing. Greg Universe even mentioned it in 'The Return'. "Gems were destroyed, people too... In the end, your mother could only save a handful of her closest friends." And now we're finally figuring out just what happened at the end of the war. There is a great comparison video for Lapis and Centipeetle's experiences, as well as a couple of theories about the Diamond weapon that nuked Earth. Some very interesting stuff below the break!

  • Story: The Stars, the Moon, They Have All Been Blown Out

    [Shipping] [Slice of Life]

    Author: acewendy
    Description: Amethyst teaches Lapis about Earth.
    The Stars, the Moon, They Have All Been Blown Out