• Comic: Care About You

    Ready for some feels my friends? When you've got a show that delivers as many as SU does it takes an epic length comic to convey it all.

    Click the clip above for the full comics!

    Twitter: Calpain
  • Nightly Discussion #4

    Have you had your dose of giant woman today?

    Evening guys! We're starting this a bit later because the people of EqD and BCB overlap a little bit so for max coverage we're having our discussion an hour later than theirs. Get to chatting down below!

    Twitter: Calpain
  • Songs from Sworn to the Sword Uploaded!

    Now that was quick! Looks like the SU fandom is just as quick at uploading episode content as the pony fandom.

    With the episode now broadcast on both coasts how about we dive into the songs again? World of Steven Universe has them uploaded and you can find them both after the break!

  • Entertainment Weekly Interview with Rebecca Sugar

    Entertainment Weekly posted a great little interview with Rebecca Sugar earlier today, covering stuff like her goals with Steven Universe, the strong female presence on the show, how time working on Adventure Time influenced her creatively, and even who her favorite gem is.

    Be advised of a minor SPOILER warning due to some of the discussion topics about the future of the show, including the excellent question, "Do you have an ending already set for the show?" You can find the interview over here!
  • Animatic: Peridot Searching

    This awesome animation is by zottgrammes over on Tumblr.
  • Spotlight Music: 80s Rock Lapis Lazuli / Be Wherever You Are Chiptune / Dance of Swords Extended

    Ready for some more tunes my friends? We've got some music to jam out to after the break! Catch some covers, a chiptune remix and more down below!

    1.) 80s Rock Lapis Lazuli (Remix)
    2.) Be Wherever You Are (Chiptune, Remix)
    2.) Dance of Swords Extended (Extended Mix)

  • Episode Discussion: Sworn to the Sword

    Let the Steven Bomb begin! After a short hiatus our favorite show is back! What can we expect from this week's episodes? Well, a mix of things of course, but for now let us focus on Sworn to the Sword!

    Check on after the break for links to uploads when they become available. We don't have any live streams yet, but hopefully that will change in the near future!

    Update: We have a stream link! Check after the break!

    Update 2: Download Links Available!

  • Straight from the Crewniverse: Just Lion Things

    The official Cartoon Network tumblr posted a cute video of Lion! Check it after the break.

  • Sworn to the Sword Clip Now With REAL Audio!

    Not tricking you guys this time! We now have the Sworn to the Sword promo with the actual audio this time around!

    Check on after the break to see a preview of what to expect later today!

    Thanks to Chevistian for the heads up!

  • Together Breakfast! Steven Universe

    Just a couple days after we posted their Cookie Cat video, the team at Feast of Fiction have put together another creation from the Steven Universe, um, universe!

    Check on after the break for some delectable fun!

  • AMV: Pearl becomes a witch doctor

    Look at this awesome art piece from official storyboard artist Raven Molisee! Then check out the random AMV below!