• Nightly Discussion #124

    How is everybody's evening so far? Anyone participating in inktober? I'll see you in the comments for tonight's chat!

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  • 'Too Far' to air at 7:30pm EST, 2 hours later

    We wanted to give our readers a heads up! Looks as though SU has a new air time, and will now be showing episodes at 7:30pm EST instead of 5:30pm EST - which is a full 2 hours later. Now, we know that shows can shift and change times, but on the last episode of the year? Really? Well, the evidence seems to be rising, so we'll keep you updated if there are any further changes.

    From reddit:
    "This is just a minor PSA for people who don't obsessively check schedules or anything, but Steven Universe has been moved from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM, and is now getting half an hour of re-runs each week night.
    Definitely make sure you don't miss Too Far. I hope the schedule change will hit all of the major sites by Thursday, but you should check your DVRs just to make sure since I know service provider schedules can be quite inaccurate."

    From Lauren Zuke:

    Also from Lauren Zuke:

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  • Drawing Things Out #117

    There's is a ton of cool art in tonight's post! Be sure to check it all out, after the break!

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  • Comic: Weaponized Bathroom / Dilemna / New Home

    Check out all the Peridot and Steven antics in today's comics! The two of them get along well together. Be sure to click for full view! The last one is a multi-parter, so be sure to check back for updates.

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  • Article: New Steven Universe Book Reveals Vital Plot Hints And Homeworld Backstory

    If you haven't picked up your Guide to the Crystal Gems, written by Rebecca Sugar herself, go do that now! Released on October 6, it is jam packed with new information about the Crystal Gems, the Homeworld gems,and the entire SU universe! The article below gives a great summary of the most important parts. Remember, this is written by Sugar herself, so everything inside is 100% canon! Read about the book below, and then order your copy!

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  • AMV: Walking Through Memories

    Looks like there was one older AMV of Datis Ausum's that we didn't feature! Check out yet another super cool AMV, after the break!

  • Cosplay Compilation #4

    Wow, it's been awhile since we had one of these! With con season in full swing, there are a ton of new cosplayers to check out and enjoy! See all the fantastic outfits, after the break! Remember to click the sources above each picture, since most cosplayers have multiple photos or pictures showing the details of their outfits!

  • Spotlight Music: Let Me Try

    NateWantsToBattle just dropped an awesome song and music video on his YouTube Channel! He wrote an original rock song in honor of Steven Universe. Check out this amazing original SU song, after the break!

  • Comic: More Than You Can Chew / Garbage / Self Destructive

    Lars and Sadie star in this comic post! Click for full view on all of them. These are all really great!

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  • Animation: Steven Shakes It Off

    A cute Steven animation from Artzipants! The video is a minute long, but the adorable animation loops 3 times. Give the little Steven a watch, after the break!

  • Story: Steven Lazuli


    Author: Candy-Vegetto
    Description: AU. To take revenge on the Crystal Gems, Lapis Lazuli broke out of her mirror and stole their baby Steven. They went missing ever since. Ten years later, Lapis and Steven are still hiding from the Crystal Gems, and meet a certain homeworld spy. The C. Gems are restless, but are so close to finding their little boy. Will they ever get Steven back? Or does he want to stay with Lapis?
    Steven Lazuli 

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