• Nightly Discussion #151

    Heyo! Welcome to tonight's chat! If the gem's were humans, what kind of outfits do you think they'd wear? They're always regenerating with outfits similar to the previous, and seem to be content with simple attire. But how would they mix it up as humans? Or if they weren't always fighting monsters and were still gems, but lived more human-like lives? Discuss in the comments!

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  • Drawing Things Out #143

    Tonight's art post is super awesome! Ah who am I kidding, they're all awesome!

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  • Poll Results: Favorite Episode Featuring Peridot?

    We probably should have waited to do this poll until 'Too Far' aired. I guess we'll just have to revisit it in the future. It's really cool to have more votes to the poll each time. I feel like that means the site is growing!

    The best Peridot episode is 'Catch and Release', although 'When It Rains' was a close second! There's a new poll on the side, so go cast your votes! This time you can make up to 3 selections, since we know there are a lot of options.

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  • AMV: Steven Bebop

    Check out this super cool combination AMV and original animation! It's amazingly well done, and looks awesome! Be sure to watch the video, after the break!

  • Spotlight Music: Giant Woman (Cover)

    It's another awesome cover from Sierra Nelson! Looks like her songs will be coming out weekly during the hiatus, so stay tuned for more! Check out her latest cover, after the break!

  • Fan Theory: Which Gem Will Steven Fuse with First?

    An interesting theory about who Steven might fuse with first. There have been some clues, which may be foreshadowing or simply coincidence. Who knows? Check out the theory below and decide for yourself which gem you think Steven will fuse with first.

  • AMV: Step Out

    It's another awesome AMV! I feel like SU fans put out a lot of great AMVs. Maybe it's because there is a lot of action and emotional moments that can be put to good use. I mean, there have been battles, tears, and a good number of episodes have already aired. Check out one of the newest AMV's from the SU community, after the break!

  • Comic: Morning Routine / Your Face / Like You

    Click for full view to check out all these awesome comics, featuring Peridot!

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  • Animation: We Are the Homeworld Gems

    We originally posted the Spanish version of this animation. Here's the English version, and a bonus 'making of' animatic video! Enjoy both, after the break!

  • Doug Walker Vlogs: The Return

    Check out another episode vlog and analysis from Doug Walker!