• Nightly Discussion #374

    I wonder if all rubies find Sapphire attractive? Seems like all the rubies had slightly different personalities, so apparently gems of the same type can think for themselves and aren't simply cloned copies. Pretty interesting to think about. I wonder if things like fusion were allowed on Homeworld if gems would battle for the right to fuse with another (much like fighting for a person's love). Perhaps the rubies would have different methods for showing off to the Sapphire's. Some would try to impress her with strength, others would try to impress her with gifts, and perhaps others with kind acts. Who knows?

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  • Drawing Things Out #358

    Hope the Monday grind wasn't too intense!

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  • AMV: Never Shout Never

    For all the Lapidot fans out there, this super amazing AMV is for you!

  • Fan Theory: Steven's ULTIMATE POWER!

    Steven has shown a variety of powers, which continue to increase and become stronger as he practices and grows. Sometimes the things he does seem a little bit superhuman - but can easily be attributed to his gem side rather than an error on the Crewniverse's part. So what other powers will Steven gain?

  • Fan Theory: Growing Up With Ruby and Sapphire

    Humans grow and change all the time. Rose Quartz definitely found humans interesting, and it seems that with Steven around the house, the other gems might finally be understanding what Rose saw in them. But what must it be like for Ruby and Sapphire, to see Steven at intermittent points in his life? Experiencing Steven growing up as Garnet is a lot different than experiencing it as Ruby and Sapphire. Check out an interesting little theory, below!

  • Peridot is CN Fan's "Fav Green Toughie"!

    Seems that every time Cartoon Network runs a poll involving anything from Steven Universe, it always wins by miles! And in the latest poll, Peridot won with over half the total votes on the poll!

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  • Do It For Her in Japanese!

    Check out the great Japanese dub of Do It For Her! Definitely great voice acting and singing. How do you like it?

  • Comic: Learning / PeriComix #04 / Knife

    Lapis and Peridot still have a little bit of trouble getting along. Hopefully they can work out their differences!

  • AMV: Glory

    Wake up with this awesome fan music video!

  • 'Too Short to Ride' Promo and Images!

    We've got a short and super cute promo from 'Too Short To Ride'! Looks like it was released on the CN Anything app, along with two other teaser images. You can find all the new spoilers below!