• Nightly Discussion #6

    There needs to be more Lion in the show, he's just a cool and enigmatic character! I wonder secrets he hides still?

    Evening guys! Hope you're ready to chat!

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  • Comic: Onion / Sea Pals

    You know, this actually makes a weird amount of sense. A weird amount of scary sense...

    Comics guys! Click for full!

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  • Watch Steven Universe Season on CN Website!

    While there are other locations on the net to find full Steven Universe episodes, it has come to my attention that CN has episodes for season 1 and 2 online to watch! If you're allowed access to the site in your region it's worth checking out to help give the official release some support.

    Don't worry though, if you're not in area where SU airs we'll still be providing links to video uploads as soon as we can as well as links to the CN website as soon as they get the episodes up.

    Thanks to Matt for letting us know!

    Cartoon Network Online SU Episodes

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  • Music: Stronger Than You - RisenLP Remix

    RCstudio made an awesome remix of Stronger Than You. Give it a listen after the break!
  • AMV: The Best Traits are Hereditary

    It's hard to remember that bubbly little Steven can be sad and even angry sometimes, but no matter what he'll always be the one that helps the Gems through the toughest of times, just like his mom did.

    View the beautiful AMV below the break, not gonna lie this legit made me tear up the first time I saw it.

  • Keeping it Together - Episode Discussion/Streams

    With the first day of Steven Bomb full of feels, and the second day very lackluster, anything can happen! Just kidding, it's a Garnet episode, so it's guaranteed to be awesome!

    Steven Bomb Day 3 is upon us! Streams and episode uploads will be after the break as they appear! Discuss your theories about the upcoming episode in the comments, and the episode itself once it airs!

  • Episode Followup: Rising Tides / Crashing Skies

    Fellow blogger Ronaldo of Keep Beach City Weird gave us a bomb shell yesterday about the TRUTH behind the Crystal Gems! With shocking never before seen footage, expert testimonies and confrontations with the Gems themselves our brave brother took them head on!

    As a blogger myself I feel it is my duty to examine this masterpiece and give you, our loyal readers, a look at proper blogging technique!

    Get all the goods after the break!

  • Welcome to the Hell Universe

    Looking for something a bit nuts to start your day? Well, we've got 10 minutes of crazy for you guys today with a series of shorts all cooked together into a delicious casserole of insanity.

    Check on after the break for the full video!

  • Comic: Love Like You

    Here's a super beautifully drawn comic with a bunch of feels! All aboard the emotions train! Click the pic above to view the full comic. You don't want to miss it!

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  • Excellent SU Article Analyzing the Show on io9

    It looks like io9 isn't shy when it comes to love for Steven Universe! In an article published yesterday, the author provides a very lovely analysis of the show and why it's different from other shows in today's cartoon world. From non-traditional families and relationships to talks about gender norms this article touches on quite a few important topics quite positively!

    Check it out at the link below!

    Why I Fell in Love with the Brilliant Steven Universe

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