• Nightly Discussion #465

    If multiple gems can fuse together, could Steven potentially fuse with more than one human at a time? Would that mess up anybody biologically? Humans weren't meant to fuse, so it's not something that happens naturally with them. But Connie seems to be totally fine. What would a super fusion of humans look like? And is there a limit to how many gems can fuse at once?

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  • Meep Morp #453

    Did you know that just below the break, there are 50 beautiful and amazing art pieces?

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  • YTP: Meme Dump 3: The Third One

    It's almost the weekend, and what better way to celebrate than with the latest memetastic video from MKatwood! If you've ever wondered what a CN intern does in her spare time, wonder no longer!

  • Rose Quartz (TV Series) vs Rose Quartz (Real Life)

    It's time for another great analysis from Swaggy Thunder! Are there any similarities to the Rose Quartz we know from SU and the real life stone? Anything wild and out there that doesn't seem to make any sense?

  • AMV: Stand by You

    There's definitely lots of love in SU, and gems always stick together!

  • YTP: Whenever Poops 3: Glass Half Empty

    If you have not seen Snowstorm Thirteen YTP's, you have been missing out! The SU fandom is super talented, not just in creating beautiful art and animated music videos, but also in making fantastic poops. Seriously, YTP is definitely its own art form! And you can appreciate a fresh new poop created yesterday, just below the break!

  • Steven Floats - Steven Universe Vlog

    What is up? It is time to check out this great episode review from StevRayBro! Seriously, if you haven't seen her stuff, now's a great time to start!

  • Fan Theory: Male Gems Possible?

    So if most gems take on female pronouns and bodily figures, can they just as easily reform with a more masculine appearance? Why don't they? Even on Homeworld, gems seem to have feminine traits and use female pronouns. Steven seems to be the only exception, since he is half human. So what would happen if Steven fused with another human, but instead of Connie, it was a boy?

  • Steven Universe Vlogs: Episode 91 - Kiki's Pizza Delivery Service

    Alright, so it wasn't the homage to Hayao Miyazaki acclaimed film that we all expected. But, it was a pretty solid 'slice' of life episode about some Beach City citizens we don't often see. Channel Awesome did a great review and analysis of the episode!

  • Story: Steven Universe: Connie and the B-Team

    [Adventure] [Comedy]

    Author: Feraligreater328
    Description: Marooned in Beach City, with her parents at a conference and Steven and the Crystal Gems busy on a mission, what is Connie supposed to do? She was looking forward to this sleepover with Steven, and she really doesn't want to go on another trip to a Medical Conference. But, luckily for Connie, Steven and the Crystal Gems aren't the only Gems in town to hang out with.
    Steven Universe: Connie and the B-Team