• Nightly Discussion #153

    Hey all! Welcome to tonight's discussion! Today's posts have been all out of wack, so in keeping with the tradition, this post is late too! Have a fun chat, and hopefully you've all beat Fallout 4 and have come back.

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  • Drawing Things Out #145

    Whoops, sorry for the late art post! Between Tumblrs bug of not posting things on time and Emerald being a little under the weather, it got a little delayed. Hope you enjoy all the amazing art tonight!

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  • Spotlight Music: Detective Peridot OST - Objection!

    Here's another awesome original song from the SU community! This song was created for the Ask Private Detective Peridot blog. Looks like the mod is putting a ton of work into it, so be sure to give the blog a follow and send in some clues! Also, check out the song, after the break! (Art post coming late tonight at 7pm.)

  • Fan Theory: The Purpose of Lapis Lazuli

    So, here's a crazy but not too far fetched theory. What if Earth was immensely advanced, and then Homeworld came and wiped out all or nearly all humanity - forcing the Earth back thousands of years of progress. Greg said humans died in the war for Earth. But assuming the war was 5000 years ago, there's no way humans would have been technologically advanced enough to pose a threat, right?

    We've seen how gems fight. Humans get stabbed, they bleed to death. Gems get stabbed, they retreat into their gems and regenerate. And, from what we saw of the battle with Pearl and Sugilite, gems can take a much harder hit than any human would be able to survive. So after humans discovered they were no match for gems, wouldn't they just give up and surrender? What's more likely is that humans were just in the way of the war, and were wiped out simply by being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Gem arrival on Earth is much different that we thought.

    Why would the Homeworld need a Gem capable of controlling entire oceans? My quess is: massive terraforming. Changing the oceans, wiping the continents. Washing away a civilization. Humanity. Humans were much more advanced than we are lead to belive. Greg said that many humans died in the war, yet even those that fought for Earth saw them as little more than insects ("Look at them, they think they are people"). Earth was "reset", humanity erased. And when Rose found out the truth, her view of humans changed.

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  • The Crewniverse Basically Confirms Lapidot

    Michaela Dietz, voice of Amethyst, posted an interesting photo on Twitter today. Looks like she's casually hanging out in the recording studio with Shelby Rabara, voice of Peridot, and Jennifer Paz, voice of Lapis Lazuli. WAIT A SECOND! Why would Jennifer be recording lines unless LAPIS IS COMING BACK! Oh, also PERIDOT AND LAPIS RECORDING LINES TOGETHER!

    Lapidot fans, prepare for your ship to sail! Actual interaction of Peridot and Lapis is coming your way... sometime in 2016. Also, it seems that Crewniverse is aware of the fandom Lapidot love, hence the SUPER SUBTLE tweeting of this photo and tagging of the two voice actresses.

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  • Comic: Her Favorite / Chocolate with Nuts / One of a Kind

    Uh, sorry about this post not going out at 3pm. Blogger seems to be having a problem sending out scheduled posts today. I guess I'll be doing things manually today!

    It's Peridot, being a cutie! She's in all of today's comics, so be sure to click for full view.

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  • The World of Steven Universe Returns!

    Whoops, false alarm! Apparently TWOSU experiences this kind of downtime once a year. It's back, and the same as ever!

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  • Animation: Battle Dance

    So blogger had the weirdest hiccup! I scheduled this post last night for 11am, as I usually do queue a few posts before heading for bed. For some reason, only the 10am post went out on time? Blogger, are you okay? Anyway, sorry about the lack of posts this morning!

    Check out this awesome Pearl animation! It's in gif format, so it'll keep looping. The animation is really solid, and the colors are great. Be sure to give this animation a watch, and check out the source for more of the artist's work.

  • Sailor Universe Shirt Available at TeeFury!

    Check out this awesome shirt design from TeeFury! Steven Universe and Sailor Moon are both wildly popular, so why not combine them? Get yours here!

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  • AMV: She Blinded Me With Science

    An awesome well put together AMV! The pacing flows really well, and the clips look great. Check out this AMV, after the break!