• Nightly Discussion #216

    I wonder if Ruby and Sapphire ever prank each other with their elemental powers. Like Sapphire touching Ruby with cold hands. Or I wonder if, while their relationship was building, the two ever fought with elemental powers. Sure, Ruby was careful not to use her powers on Sapphire in 'Keystone Motel', but what if during their more than 5,000 year relationship, things got out of hand? It would be an interesting battle, for sure. All couples have disagreements, and Ruby and Sapphire are no exception. Who do you think would win in a fight between the two of them?

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  • Drawing Things Out #209: Week of Garnet Day 5

    Rubes and Sapphy are here, taking over the nightly art post!

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  • Photos of Cancelled SU Game

    Yesterday, castpixel tweeted out some interesting photos of a very cool looking Steven Universe game - which has apparently been scrapped. Check below the break for more photos.

  • Steven Universe Episode Review- Log Date 7 15 2

    Steven asked a great question that fans were surely eager to find out - when did Garnet and Peridot start getting along? We've seen Peridot learn about Pearl, and how different she is from what Peridot knew of Pearl's from Homeworld. We saw her try and fail to impress Amethyst, and eventually apologize and make up. But Garnet is always a tough egg to crack, seemingly the most stoic and least likely to show her emotions. So it makes sense that she would be the last Crystal Gem that Peridot would connect with. And it was done beautifully. Check out the review of 'Log Date 7 15 2' below!

  • Steven Universe Recap: “Log Date 7 15 2"

    While it would have been great to see Peridot fuse with another gem, instead Steven Universe taught kids an important lesson about consent. Although Peridot was initially excited about the prospect of fusion, she was also still tentative, because it was an activity she had never experienced before. And even though Garnet and Peridot began the fusion dance, part way through Peridot changed her mind. She'd been nervous, sure, but she gave it a shot before deciding she wasn't really ready. What was really great was that Garnet was totally okay with that.

    So it's okay to say yes to trying new things - getting your ears pierced, getting a tattoo, skydiving, having a first kiss, or perhaps something more intimate. And once you're at the point when it's time to do whatever it is you weren't sure about, it's okay to back down and change your mind. There's absolutely no shame in that, and if somebody really cares for you, they'll accept your decision without pressuring you. Garnet was proud of Peridot for trying, and proud of her for telling the truth about not being ready to fuse. Following her example, we shouldn't make fun of others if they decide they're not ready for something.

    Check out more on the recap of 'Log Date 7 15 2' at the link below!

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  • Animation: Once Upon a Dream (Rough Keyframes)

    nonawolf is working on a super cool looking animation, featuring Ruby and Sapphire! The animation below seems to be a WIP, and the description indicates a more finished product to come. Still looks really cool so far!

  • Spotlight Music: Dissonace

    An SU fan put together an amazingly beautiful song about Ruby and Sapphire! It seems to be based around the time after the first form Garnet, when they're on Earth but still split apart. Maybe it wasn't as easy to form Garnet the second time. "Love takes time. Love takes work." I bet the two of them had a lot of stuff to work out over the years.

  • Comic: Sapphire Senpai / Fight / Someone Entirely New

    Some great and cute Ruby and Sapphire comics! I especially love the last one.

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  • AMV: Conquerer

    It's cool that many of the voice actors on SU have done musical performances or even put out their own albums before appearing on the show. It's super easy to pair an Estelle song to a Garnet/Ruby/Sapphire AMV! Enjoy this Conqueror AMV!

  • Story: Like You Mean It

    Ruby and Sapphire

    Author: MixerMonochrome
    Description: “My friends and family say I have a nice voice, but they’re kind of biased towards me to begin with, you know? So the fact that you liked it without even seeing me is… nice.”
    “If a little stalker-ish.”
    “Okay okay, maybe it’s a little weird, but I sent a ferret with a sandwich into your apartment, so we’re even. Alright?"
    Like You Mean It

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