• Nightly Discussion #444

    Sketch covers drawn by (top left) Ian McGinty, (top right and bottom left) Crystin Garland, and (bottom right) Leigh Luna.

    Evening everyone! Little Ursa here with your Nightly Discussion! So, we got the announcement of the Beach City Con Kickstarter going live today! So, we got the announcement of the Beach City Con Kickstarter reaching it's goal within a single hour! I don't know about you, but I'm stoked! I love conventions, in fact, those sketch covers you see at the top are mine, which I got at SDCC and WonderCon (I also image that Steven and Connie would totally cosplay at conventions). With this awesome announcement, I do have this to ask, what would you like to see at a Steven Universe convention?
  • Meep Morp #432

    Well, well, well, looks like a swell bunch of art!

    Source 1

  • YTP: Dear Jasper: Steven ≠ Rose

    Will Jasper ever learn?

  • Future Boy Zoltron - Episode Discussion/Streams

    Aww yes, superhero episode! After an ill-advised goodnight kiss from Garnet, mild-mannered STEVEN UNIVERSE contracts Future Vision again and this time swears to use his newfound powers (while they last) to help those in need! As his alter-ego, FUTURE BOY ZOLTRON, he spends several hours crafting a costume out of aluminum foil, then uses the few hours he has remaining to help the downtrodden residents of BEACH CITY!

    Thrill as Future Boy Zoltron keeps Sadie from tripping over a curb into a puddle on her way home! Chill as Steven realizes there's not many people to help this late in the evening! Be spellbound by Future Boy Zoltron's attempts to prevent Amethyst from eating a hand grenade she found in her room that she keeps insisting is a shiny pineapple!

    Watch Steven's superhero transformation at 7:00 ET/PT on Cartoon Network! If your Future Vision's on the fritz, we've got streams and downloads after the break.

    And if you do have Future Vision and already know details about this episode, please don't discuss them until after the episode has aired. Thank you.

  • Comic Con Palm Springs Recap

    Hello everyone! Little Ursa here again with a convention reacp! Last weekend, I went to Comic Con Palm Springs on Sunday, right after Nerd Con. I won't lie, doing two conventions in one weekend is quite tiring, but it is still very fun! Below the break is the recap of my convention, including cosplays, comics, and the convention itself!

  • YTPMV: Here Comes A Thought Nightcore

    Things are swarming, alright.

  • Here Comes A Thought Demo From Rebecca Sugar!

    Rebecca Sugar just released the original demo for Here Comes A Thought. You can check it out below the break! Which version do you like better? The SDCC version, the show version, or the demo version below?

  • Know Your Fusion | Steven Universe Recap Vlog

    What a fantastic episode! 'Know Your Fusion' was definitely a hard-hitting start to the 4th season of SU! StevRayBro has a great analysis and review of the episode, below!

  • Story: Full Disclosure 2

    [Sad] [Friendshipping]

    Author: squeaklings
    Description: [Post Mindful Education.] As Connie found out, it's never good to keep things bottled up. Steven takes the time after they land to let his own butterflies loose.
    Full Disclosure 2
  • Beach City Con Kickstarter is Live!

    The Beach City Con Kickstarter campaign has officially launched.  In less than an hour, the campaign was fully funded.  The support that this project has seen in such a short time has been absolutely amazing!  Saga Event Planning is wanting to add stretch goals, but that requires tons of fan support, so keep it up.  If you would like to get a ticket early as well as some cool perks, then head on over to the Kickstarter Campaign.  The top two tiers are already fully backed with the third highest dwindling fast, so hurry up and get your tickets now!