• Nightly Discussion #262

    Who thinks Rose Quartz will come back somehow for the finale of SU? It's probably one of the more plausible theories I've heard for the show. I'm not sure how it'd be done, but hey, if Steven can be the first human/gem hybrid, who knows what else is possible?

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  • Drawing Things Out #255

    Check out all great art in tonight's edition of Drawing Things Out!

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  • AMV: Can't Help Falling in Love With You

    Check out this great Pearlmethyst AMV! It's super duper great. I'm not just saying that because it's my OTP.

  • DIY Lapis Lazuli Mirror

    For all you cosplayers looking to walk around with a gem prison, here's a tutorial for making Lapis' mirror! Actually, this is a really great prop for photo shoots and is really informative if you need this object to complete your outfit. Check out the tutorial below!

  • Golf Quest Mini Vintage Ad

    Check out this cool fan made trailer for Golf Quest Mini! It's really well done, so check it out!

  • Spotlight Music: Reflect (Original)

    Princess Rizu has another SU inspired song, this time about Lapis Lazuli! Day 255 since Lapis was in an episode, and fans are definitely interested in her whereabouts and well being. Check out Rizu's gorgeous voice and original song, below!

  • Fan Theory: Promos Explained & More Stevenbombs?!

    Lots of fans are excited about the new promos. For some, it's a welcome break from the hiatus, while other's regret how much was spoiled in the clips. Do the promos mean new episodes are coming soon? If you're avoiding spoilers, don't watch the video below! Otherwise, check out some theories about what the released clips could mean for the show.

  • Comic: Not Everyone is Out to Get You / First Date / It's Not What It Looks Like / No Chill

    Here are some absolutely fantastic Lapidot comics! Seriously, today's batch is really well done. Be sure to click all the images to full view the comics! They're awesome!

  • Garnet's Best Moments - Part 3

    A gem so cool, she's the only one (so far) to get a third edition of "Best Moments". Relive 3 minutes of great Garnet moments, after the break!

  • Doug Walker Vlogs: Historical Friction

    Historical Friction - the episode where we learn that mayorhood in Beach City is apparently passed down from generation to generation - guess that means that Buck will eventually have to take over the family "business"? I guess if you start a town like William Dewey did that you get to decide how the government is structured. Although Mayor Dewey does run election campaigns, so I guess it's just coincidence that the Dewey family seems to have always been mayor? That or nobody else cares to do it.