• Nightly Discussion #16

    This is how I feel today, blarg. Sorry for no new art tonight, but I've just been feeling a bit out of it guys! Hopefully tomorrow is better.

    In the meantime, have a good time chatting!

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  • YTP: Pearl Likes Pie

    To say the least, YTP videos sure are interesting. We've got a short one for you guys after the break! It made me smile so I hope you guys get a chuckle or two.

  • Spotlight Music: Stronger Than You - Fandub en españo

    Some of you were disappointed in the dub for Latin America of Stronger Than You, so today we have a fan dub sung in Spanish for you guys today from Aki-Chan. It sounds pretty good in my opinion!

    Check on after the break for the song and thanks to Andy for sending it in.

  • AMV: Pop! Goes my Heart!

    Got to admit, this AMV is pretty well synced and it has a catchy tune too! Check on after the break for some AMV magic.

    Thanks to Terry for sending it in!

    Fixed and working!

  • Comic: Opal's Day Off / Pickin' Up Chicks / Forming Opal

    Check out these comics that totally don't all feature Pearl and Amethyst. PFF it's not like the mod ships them or anything. The first one is the work of one of the official guest comic artists, Grace Craft! Click each for full!

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  • AMV: Demons

    Have a neat AMV featuring Amethyst. The creator used some interesting special effects. Check it out, after the break.
  • Poll Results: Which Episode Was Your Favorite During the Steven Bomb?

    Our second poll has closed and the results are in! After asking you guys what episode you liked best last week you came to the conclusion that Sworn to the Sword and We Need to Talk were the best the week had to offer with Rising Tides/Crashing Skies the least popular of the five episodes.

    Now onto our new poll for the week: What is your favorite fusion? You can find the new poll over in the sidebar!

    As for the results of this poll, check on after the break for the numbers.

  • Comic: Malachite Running Underwater / Tea? / Sweethearts

    Get ready for Lapis and Jasper to throw you back to the 90's with some sweet jams! (Link on the original post if you don't get it.) Plus, two more comics featuring Amethyst!

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  • Story: Pearl Likes Pie

    Pearls facial expressions are what I live for

    [Slice of Life] [Tragedy]

    Author: Gemology
    Description: Pearl has always liked pie. But there is a dark secret about pie that she can never reveal.

    Pearl Likes Pie