• Nightly Discussion #140

    How is everyone tonight? Getting ready for Halloween? Anybody working on throwing together a last minute costume? For me, I'm at a local convention this weekend, so by the time this post goes up, I'll probably still be enveloped in day 0 set up. Is anybody else heading to a convention in the future?

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  • Drawing Things Out #132

    Heyo! It's time to check out a bunch of awesome artwork! Tonight's art selections are after the break.

    Source 1

  • Music: Love Like You (Instrumental) / Do It For Him/Her (8-Bit) / We Are the Crystal Gems (Instrumental)

    Check out these cool fan jams, after the break!

    1.) Love Like You (Instrumental)
    2.)  Do It For Him/Her (8-BIt)
    3.)  We Are the Crystal Gems (Instrumental)

  • Cosplay Compilation #8

    Halloween is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with a Cosplay post! Check out all the amazing SU inspired outfits, after the break! Also, don't forget to hit the sources, as there are often more photos.

  • Comic: New Apparatuses / Gift / Trust Issues

    Peridot is here and she's struggling with Earth culture! Check out the comics featuring her!

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  • AMV: Elle Me Dit

    Now here's something you don't hear every day - an AMV in french! The song does match the transitions very well, even if the lyrics aren't in English.

  • Animation: Crystal Gem Guts

    Ruby and Sapphire are a great pair! I can just see them playing video games though, and Sapphire already knows how to beat the game but won't tell Ruby any of the cheats and she gets furious! This isn't the first Game Grumps dub we've featured, so it seems many scenes are applicable to gem life.

  • Comic: Seeing Something / Ocean Speaking / The Eyes Have It

    Ruby and Sapphire are the cutie patooties who are taking over this comic post! Click for full view.

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  • Cartoon Network Halloween Art Exhibition & Costume Party

    Gallery Nucleus is hosting a super cool art exhibition on Halloween!

    Come by Gallery Nucleus October 31st from 2:00 - 8:00PM as we team up with Cartoon Network and Penguin Books to host one of our biggest all-ages events celebrating the studio's amazing line of hit cartoons!

    We will be exhibiting new original CN inspired artwork, with some of CN's lead studio artists from Steven Universe, Adventure Time, and Clarence in attendance for signings as well as a CN themed costume contest. This will be an unforgettable event to kick-off your Halloween night!

    Rebecca Sugar and Ian Jones-Quartey, among other Cartoon Network staff, will be signing at the event! Check out the source below for all the details, and if you're local, this seems like an event you won't want to miss!

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  • Story: Kofi at Midnight

    Kofi Pizza

    Author: The Qing
    Description: Lazy, little Jenny - always dragging her feet - limped home with tears running down her face, saying that a dog had bitten her on the ankle as she passed. That was just the start of it. For the week of Halloween, a story featuring the Fish Stew Pizza Family going through tough times.
    Kofi at Midnight