• Nightly Discussion #269

    Little bit of a delay on the art post and nightly discussion, but hey, it's Monday! I love Peridot's shirt in the art above. Where can I get one? I bet Peridot gets really into the idea of alien culture and how Earth perceives them. But in an ironic way, like, 'humans are so silly, it's hilarious'.

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  • Drawing Things Out #262

    Better late than never, eh? Here's tonight's art post!

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  • Fan Theory: Golf Quest Mini

    So what are the limitations of Rose's Room? We've seen Steven recreate almost the entirety of Beach City. Of course, none of the citizens were very realistic, and with the room too full, everything glitched out. But when Steven and Connie wanted to reenact scenes from Unfamiliar Familiar, the room easily created everything they needed... except that it accidentally created a second Connie. True to the nature of the room (and the little pink whale), cloud Connie as always wanting to please Steven and do what he wanted. Yet, when Steven wanted to hear the remainder of Peridot's speech from 'Catch and Release', it was unable to because that was not something Steven had seen. However, if Steven had an idea in mind of what he THOUGHT Peridot was going to say, would the room have automatically projected that and finished her sentence? Check out the theory below, and then give your thoughts in the comments about how far Rose's Room can go!

  • SU Graphic Novel Too Cool For School Pushed to April Release

    The SU comic, Too Cool For School, originally set to be released in March, has now been pushed back to April. Fans will have to wait a little longer for Connie and Steven to go on an adventure. Rebecca Sugar is even aiding with the comic, so it should fit in right along with canon, and help people get through the hiatuses. You can pre-order a copy at the link above, and get the graphic novel when it releases.

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  • Fan Theory: Pearl

    There's still a lot we don't know about the Crystal Gems, specifically Pearl. She may be the gem we know the least about. We've had backstory episodes for Garnet and Amethyst, but none for Pearl yet. Could it be her close ties to Rose Quartz? Perhaps revealing Pearl's story would reveal too much about Rose as well. What do you think?

  • Official preview of Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems #1, Out March 16!

    March 16 is coming up fast! The comic is written by by Josceline Fenton and art is by Chrystin Garlan. There's an interview the the two creators below, as well as previews of the comic. Check out all the cool stuff, below the break!

  • Why You Should Believe in Steven

    Steven Universe was the first Cartoon Network show to be created by a woman. Not to mention, starring a mostly female cast, and a town full of minorities. Even though the show is named after its lead character, a male, Steven isn't your typical male superhero character. He's emotional, he's kindhearted, and he doesn't place a lot of importance on being masculine. Not to mention, being raised in a multi parent household. Sure, he wants to be a hero - but oddly, his weapon isn't a bow or an ax or even his fists. He always strives for peace over war. Be sure to read the awesome article about the show. If you've been trying to get someone into it, this article is pretty convincing, and a great read!

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  • Comic: Meeting / Haricut / The Answer

    There are some great Ruby and Sapphire comics here today!

  • Animation: Intro de peridot

    This is an adorable animation, even if it is in Spanish! Turn on the captions and enjoy!

  • Steven Universe Review - Watermelon Steven

    Ah yes, when Steven accidentally created life. At least his strange powers were better explained than Elsa's. Wonder if we'll ever see those guys again. They did just kind of disappear off into the sea. And if there's one thing the show does, it's subtly shelve items and characters until fans have almost forgotten about them... and then they unexpectedly get brought back. What did you think of the episode? Think we'll see Steven's watermelon kids again?