• Nightly Discussion #230

    Good evening to you all! I wonder what Lapis would think of aquariums? I mean, she likes water, but doesn't seem to care too much about Earth life, so would she be fascinated by creatures that live in water? What did the fishermen that were all over the world in their boats think when the ocean suddenly dried up? Did Lapis take all of the fish and other creatures with her or did all life in the ocean just die? I mean, Yellowtail still seems to have a job, so we can assume she didn't just destroy the entire eco system of the ocean. Then again, some creatures can only survive at a certain water pressure... then again, this is an alternate universe and not our Earth. Anyways, have a great discussion!

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  • Drawing Things Out #223

    Good evening all! Enjoy all of tonight's gorgeous art!

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  • 107 MORE Steven Universe Facts

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  • AMV: Your Horoscope for Today

    Lots of weird and dangerous stuff happens to the gems and citizens of Beach City. Think it has anything to do with their astrological signs?

  • Review: My thoughts on Steven Universe

    Buc Reviewer takes a hard look at Steven Universe, and whether or not the fandom actually over hypes it or not. It points out a lot of great things about SU, which may help convince naysayers to start or continue watching the show.

  • Review: Episode 77 - Message Received

    Did you see Peridot's betrayal of Homeworld coming? Or were you surprised when she went off on Yellow Diamond? It was really neat to see Yellow Diamond final design, and to have a new pearl revealed as well. How'd you enjoy the episode? Check out Uncivilized Elk's thoughts on 'Message Received', after the break!

  • Fan Theory: Moon Base Sphere

    After 'It Could've Been Great', fans were left wondering what the heck that giant orb was that the gems completely passed up on the Moon Base. Check out a theory about what the orb might be!

  • Comic: Caught in the Act / "Fusion Dance" / Pokgemon

    Enjoy Steven and all his antics in today's comic compilation!

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  • Steven Universe battles with Undertale songs!

    A compilation of a bunch of battles in SU, set to music from Undertale!

  • Story: On the Tides Go

    :SU: I'm not Lapis anymore
    [Dark] [Random]

    Author: Bandy
    Description: The ocean is slowly stealing my mind. It’s growing more and more difficult to tell what’s real and what’s a dream. Dreams pass in hazy green waves. They push and pull like the tides.
    On the Tides Go