• Nightly Discussion #456

    Hello, ladies and gentlemen! Little Ursa here, coming to you live from Beach City, and now we are going to rock this town inside out! ....yeah, I wish I was in a band. It almost happened once, but I'm not cool enough. Anyway, yesterday's episode gave us a sample of other music that exists in and around Beach City that is other than just Greg. What other kind of music would you like to see in the show? Hard rock? Ska punk? Honky tonk? Psychedelic trance? Doom metal? Share your thoughts!
  • Meep Morp #440

    Somebody sure is popular! Guess that means a doubled art post!

    Source 1

  • Crystal Mixtapes #2: Pearl

    Hello! Little Ursa here with the return of Crystal Mixtapes, where I will share my opinions of pairing music with the characters in Steven Universe! And, of course, I insist everyone else share their opinions as well! Today, we will be looking at Pearl and what music I think might work well with the spear-wielding Crystal gem.
  • Mike Krol on "Last One Out Of Beach City"

    Los Angeles-based rocker Mike Krol was featured in last night's episode of Steven Universe! Not only were two of his songs featured in the episode, but Mike was drawn up and featured signing in the episode! More details about the garage-pop-punk rocker and the songs after the break!
  • Steven Universe: Legendary Defender of the Galaxy

    When the universe is in peril, five gems must come together to form... uh... well, we don't actually know what the temple fusion is called, do we?

  • AMV: Connverse

    Who here doesn't like Connverse? Well, even if you don't, you should still check out this wonderful AMV below.

  • Episode Followup: Last One Out Of Beach City

    Oh boy oh boy, Hilary and Lauren! Their episodes are always super great! I mean, all the crewniverse write great episodes, but some of them are just winners every time, y'know? Maybe you don't know. Maybe Emerald shouldn't be making the followup past 2am.

  • The Crystal Gemcast: Episode Nine - The Fission Family and Other Puns Pt. II

    The Crystal Gemcast picks up where they left off on episode eight.  Head down below for your daily dose of podcast.

  • Top 10 "Stronger Than You" Dubs

    A YouTube user commonly known for uploading dubbed versions of SU songs put together a great top 10 list of the best versions of Stronger Than You, based on things like accuracy of translation and voice work. Check it out below, it's super cool!