• Nightly Discussion #18

    Rose Quartz is a lovely individual and I hope that we keep seeing more of her in flashbacks in later episodes. I would like to see how she interacted with Garnet and Amethyst during her time during the war as well as before too.

    Also, sorry for no discussion last night. I derped and forgot about it! Anyhow, have a nice time chatting tonight guys!

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  • Drawing Things Out #13

    With the grace that Pearl has I can really see her as a dancer of some sort. Actually, all the Gems dance to some degree when they fuse, so I guess that makes sense, heh.

    Art time my friends! Get it all after the break!

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  • Steven Bomb 3.0 Episode Titles!

    Looks like a couple of Tumblr users have snagged 4/5 episode titles for the Steven Bomb 3.0 (starting July 13th) from TV Guide! Check them out, after the break!

  • VAs for Several Characters Up for Awards at BTVA!

    This year's Behind the Voice Actors awards nominees have been announced and there are quite a few from Steven Universe up for the award, including the VAs for Amethyst, Pearl, Sadie, Rose Quartz, Lapis and an award for Best Vocal Ensemble!

    Voting ends on July 7th and you do need an account to vote! Let's see if we can give some of these fine people some recognition for their hard work! With other competition such as Gravity Falls, MLP, Rick and Morty and more it's going to be a tough one.

    BTVA Awards for Television

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  • Doug Walk Vlogs 'Cat Fingers'

    Doug Walker and his bro are back again and this time with one of the creepier episodes of SU: Cat Fingers. It looks like he has skipped a few episodes, but I think he will get back to them in time.

    So check on after the break for his look at Cat Fingers and how him and his bro reacted.

  • Comic: We Kept Amethyst / What You Want / Polishing

    Hey, another coincidentally Pearl and Amethyst centric comic post. This was not on purpose. No way. You can't prove anything! Click them for the full view!

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  • Spotlight Music: Any Love

    Ruby and Sapphire sure do inspire a lot of music! We've got a remix today of an interesting variety. Apparently the musician mixed together a bunch of other songs by Estelle to create this mix and it's got a nice tune I've got to say.

    Check it on after the break and thank to Jake for sending it in!

  • Garnet 3D Models Available!

    For you 3D modelers out there, a fan has recently created a set of Garnets using Blender and 3ds Max! He's given permission for others to use them as they see fit so go nuts everyone! Maybe we'll start seeing some SU SFMs and such in the near future if more models like these start popping up.

    Click below for the blog page!

    3D Garnet Models

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  • Comic: L E G O / Lion's Share / HADOUKEN!

    It's a round of silly comics today! The second one is even an official comic. Click on them all to read the full story, and see all the awesome artwork!

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  • Story: His Own Gem

     Steven's gemstone is located on his navel; it has a pentagon facet.

    [Adventure] [Dark]

    Author: wille179
    Description: Humanity survived the second gem war, but the fallout has left much of the world a monster infested wasteland, even hundreds of years later. And while three fourths of humanity's secret protectors are gone, the Pink Knight still lives.

    His Own Gem