• Nightly Discussion #718

    I wonder how long Lars will stay in space. Hey, does he even need to eat now? Lion eats lizards sometimes, but Lars was just suddenly not hungry. He still has a heartbeat though. I wonder if he would had intense stamina because of his low heart rate. Does he still breath? I guess if his heart is still going, he'd have to. Wait, how did Lion eat an entire key???

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  • Meep Morp #708

    Get your Friday night started with meep morps!

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  • Steven Universe: Save The Light - 20 Minutes Of Gameplay

    In case you weren't hyped enough for the new SU game coming out this summer, then check this biz out!

  • Paper Mario-Like Steven Universe RPG Coming To PS4 And Xbox One

    Are you excited for Save the Light? I sure am! GameSpot put together a great article talking about their first impressions of the game. The more I hear about it, the more I get excited for it! I wonder if we'll be able to see any new fusions that haven't been in the show yet? I'm also super glad that Sugar herself is involved, because that means the game will likely align with canon, and potentially give us more lore to add to the series. Get the full article at the link below, and a tidbit before that!

    Players can also strengthen the relationship between each of their party members, adding another wrinkle of strategy to the battle system. When one character comes to another's aid during a skirmish, their bond increases. By improving your characters' relationships, you can unlock new skills like special team attacks and even fuse certain characters together for the duration of a battle.

    Paper Mario-Like Steven Universe RPG Coming To PS4 And Xbox One

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  • Rebecca Sugar performs "What's the Use of Feeling (Blue)"

    Need some more Sugar in your life? Fear not, we have a fresh tune dropped by the SU creator herself!

  • Creator Rebecca Sugar on What Drives the Show's Music

    Since the new album is out, everybody wants to know what the process is for creating the music for the show. Hey, maybe all this rad publicity will bring in some new SU fans! So go on and snag some more incite about how Sugar gets inspired to write her songs. Turns out she just does them a lot while she's out doing regular life stuff. So hey, if you want to write or be creative, just do it, wherever you are! Sugar does!

    The story always comes first. Actually, the feeling comes first. Sometimes I’ll be thinking of a song in the back of my mind that I want to write that is related to this feeling of a type of story that I’d like to write. Oftentimes we’ll make an episode and build the story around that feeling I want to convey. And that will often dovetail with the kind of song I want to write.

    'Steven Universe' creator Rebecca Sugar on what drives the show's music

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  • Fan Theory: Pink Lars' POWERS & Future Arc

    So hey, Steven not only has healing powers, but literal life giving powers! Other than making vegetation come to life, he can also resurrect humans! That's uhhhh, that's actually some really powerful stuff. Especially considering that bringing someone back to life gives them magic powers too!

  • Zach Callison Talks Growing Up With ‘Steven Universe’

    When Steven Universe started, the voice actor for the main character was a teenager. Now 20, he's grown up while playing the character, in the same way that Steven himself has grown. Check out the sweet article below, which has an interview with Zach and what it's been like to be on the show!

    No role that I’ve ever played has had to evolve like Steven. As I mentioned, we’ve really grown up alongside each other in more ways than one. Playing Steven has been an incredible education for me as an actor, specifically when it comes to playing a “voice” versus being a character. I learned over the course of our first few records that there had to be a lot more to Steven than a crazy cartoon voice in order to do the writing justice. That lesson has spilled over into my on-camera acting, as well.

    Cartoon Network Voice Star Zach Callison Talks Growing Up With ‘Steven Universe’

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  • Fan Theory: Rose and White Diamond Alliance?

    With 132 episodes and no name drop, literally anything is possible that involves White Diamond. Seriously, Pearl's backstory is a mystery but even who or where the heck White Diamond is tops that!

  • Steven Universe Review - Stuck Together | Wanted Part One

    Well Lars, you really did it this time. Now you're trapped with a bunch of aliens and Steven. Bet you couldn't have think of a more perfect day, huh?