• Nightly Discussion #244

    Happy Thursday! Weekend is almost here! Hope you all have a fabulous chat tonight. Don't forget there's a new poll on the side, but feel free to discuss your favorite episode of SB4 in the comments!

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  • Drawing Things Out #237

    What's up, everybody? Check out all the fantastic art tonight!

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  • Fan Theory: What Is Lion?

    Now that the fandom has exhausted the 'Rose Quartz is Pink Diamond' and 'What the heck is Bismuth/that gem in Lion's mane?', it's time for everyone to join the bandwagon and speculate about who/what Lion is and who Pearl belonged to. Hey, what are Steven Bombs for if not to cultivate new theories?

    However, please do take a look at the video below, as it does actually add new and frankly interesting evidence as to what Lion might be. It's a new spin on the theory that I haven't seen before, so it's not quite the same old same old that a lot of theorists merely repeat.

  • AMV: Can't Stop

    A pretty cool AMV with some definitely interesting editing. Check out this great AMV, below the break!

  • Poll Results: When do you think we'll see Lapis and Jasper again?

    Well, most people figured that Lapis and Jasper would come back in February, probably because that's when new episodes were expected. Unfortunately, we're still on hiatus with no new announced date for more episodes. :( Vote in the new poll on the side!

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  • Spotlight Music: Do It For Her (Harp & Voice)

    How many SU fans do you know that can play the harp? Honestly, this is the first one I've seen! Be sure to check out the awesome video below, where SamiaAntha covers Do It For Her.

  • Steanuts Universe / Peridot is New / Cars.mp4 / The Final Countdown

    A few short videos, because SU fans love crossovers, memes, and quick jokes.

  • Comic: College AU / Strange Ritual / Case of the Gays

    It's been awhile since Lapis and Peridot have had a comic post to themselves. Take a look at today's great comic picks!

  • Steven Universe Recap: “Message Received”

    So far, Steven has been able to turn everybody that he believes in over to the good side. He believed that Centipeedle could be good, and even though she was misunderstood, in the end she turned out to have Steven's well being at heart. The Crystal Gems didn't even think to let Lapis Lazuli out of the mirror, and yet Steven took the time to get the message and free her. Peridot, loyal to Homeworld and a character fans couldn't be sure if she'd actually come around, has now proven herself to Steven and the other gems. Who's next? Jasper, perhaps? Read the recap from The Mary Sue for the episode 'Message Received', at the link below.

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  • Story: First Snow

    My completed comic project I for my computer graphics class, all done in Photoshop! The assignment was a 6 panel comic and cover with a simple story (and at least 2 humanoid characters), without text. So naturally I did something incorporating my 2 favorite gems ;y

    Author: alixiecivet
    Description: Inspired by tumblr user Quettzal's adorable comic, First Snow. Peridot was spooked when her relationship with Pearl started to get a little more serious. Lapis wants her to quit hanging around and talk to Pearl. Pearl gifts the small gem with a new set of limb enhancers, and though ecstatic at first, Peridot questions Pearl's intentions.
    There's a ridiculous snowball fight, and at some point Pearl is trying to get to tell her first snow memory to Peridot, whose opinion about the white stuff isn't very high.
    A two part piece.
    First Snow