• Nightly Discussion #632

    Happy National Napping Day! Little Ursa here and I can tell you that I would be just like Lapis and Amethyst right there. Doing nothing but sleeping today. Sure, they don't need it, but they like doing it. You think Amethyst has always been into taking naps? What about Lapis? Do you think Amethyst introduced her into the joys of sleep?
  • Meep Morp #622

    Hey hey, I'm here to say, there are more meep morps on the way!

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  • Animation: Life With Lapis

    Sangled here with another hilarious animatic! Honestly, Lapis as April Ludgate is perfection.

  • Fan Theory: Why Do People Hate Lars?

    Lars doesn't get enough appreciation and love! Yeah, he can be obnoxious in the show. But if you take a deep analytical look at Lars, there's a lot more to him than just pushing Steven around. He wants to fit in with the cool kids, he's very concerned about being left out. His own fears are often what cause him to lash out or act in certain ways. Maybe he was bullied as a kid. We don't know a whole lot about him. But being insecure about yourself is a really common teenage thing, and those feelings are handled differently by different people. So, maybe we should all take a step back and appreciate Lars a little more.

  • YTP: Hiatus Bomb Special: Exploding Your Bismuth

    We may not be in a hiatus, but that doesn't mean the fan content is going to stop! Celebrate a whole year of YTPs with Snowstorm Thirteen. Even when the show goes on break, they're still there to give us plenty of entertainment in the interim!

  • Everything Wrong With Lars and the Cool Kids in 3 Minutes or Less

    Hope you have your sin counter handy! What do you think? Were there any sins in this episode that were missed?

  • Fan Theory: Steven and Blue Diamond's Connection Explained

    Steven is one unique little boy, but that isn't news to any of us. Let's think back to how Steven was crying involuntarily with Blue Diamond. Why do you think that he was doing this? Steven's powers seem to be centered around emotions, and it seems that those around him can affect him.

  • Fan Theory: The Secrets Behind Lion's Origins?!

    Another Lion episode! These ones do tend to have lots of development, so hopefully we'll have some questions answered! Maybe the long awaited reveal of where Lion came from? Maybe opening that chest in his mane? Here's hoping!

  • Fan Theory: The Treatment of Gem Soldiers

    If you think about how soldiers in armed forces around the world, how do you think they are treated? Are they well-respected and cared for, or is it more like they are merely numbers in a sea of faces? Now, let's think about Gem soldiers from Homeworld and how they are treated. My own theory? Disposable, replaceable, worthless. But hey, maybe I'm wrong.

  • Fan Theory: The Next Big Fusion

    Everyone is always excited for a new fusion, especially one that could possibly involve Steven. We have a pretty cool video below about who the next big fusion may be.