• Nightly Discussion #13

    Connie and Steven are just so adorable! They're such a great pair and it's always fun to see them on screen together. Here's hoping for more of them in the next Steven Bomb!

    Time for chatting my friends! Get to it in the comments!

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  • Drawing Things Out #8

    I really feel for Pearl in how much she misses Rose. It's tough to lose someone and when they are as precious as Rose was to her it can be something a person can never really get over. Hopefully time heals all wounds and Pearl can make peace with her past.

    More artwork coming at you guys! Get it all after the break! Also, a huge thanks to our fellow Blogger Mynder for helping me find a lot of this stuff each day and to the people who have sent in links. Couldn't do this without you guys!

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  • Everything Wrong With Gem Glow In 3 Minutes Or Less

    Looks like even SU is getting its own version of CinemaSins! While the video is a little rough, it is the author's first time doing one of these and he is excited to improve and get some feedback from you guys. And yes, it's technically 4 minutes long instead of 3 minutes, don't sweat it.

    He intends to make a new one every couple weeks or so, so let's see how this all develops shall we?

    Check out the video after the break and offer up some feedback if you can!

  • Animation: Do You Want to Know a Secret

    zottgrammes does it again, with this animation set to the Beatles, 'Do You Want to Know a Secret'!
  • Be Wherever You Are In Multiple Languages!

    We've got another SU song in multiple languages for you all today! Everything from Russian, Polish, German and more we've got a playlist that extends around the world.

    Check them all out after the break!

  • YTPMV: Hell Universe - Pocket Dimensions Malebolge

    A little while back we posted the first of the Hell Universe SU videos. Unknown to me, I didn't know there were more of these crazy things! With 12 minutes of insanity waiting you, you can't afford to pass this one up, especially if you liked the first video we posted.

    Check on after the break for the video!

  • Music: The Crystal Gems (Chiptune cover) / Let me drive my Van (Into your Heart) - Cover / Connie's Theme (Musicbox Cover)

    Got some sweet jams for you on this Wednesday afternoon! Check 'em all out after the break!
    1.) The Crystal Gems (Chiptune)
    2.) Let Me Drive My Van (Into Your Heart) (Cover)
    3.) Connie's Theme (Remix)

  • Cartoon Network Titans Concept Art Features SU

    In some concept art released by Titan Vinyl Figures and reported on by PopVinyls, it looks like we might have, at the least, a SU vinyl to look forward to later this year in October. Not only that, they say that some of the vinyl figures will come with an accessory of some sort.

    If you're interested in pre-ordering on now, you can order a blind bag for just $10 or a whole case for a bit pricier $200. So either take your chances now or wait for the official release and nab yourself a Steven then.

    PopVinyl Report
    Pre-Order Page

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  • Comic: Gemsonae / Gems Don't Need Sleep

    Another comic here from the ever awesome Neodusk! Followed by a very feelsy comic I also found on Tumblr. Click both for full, the art is amazing, you don't want to miss these! 

  • Cosplay Compilation - Introduction

    Hello everyone! Calpain here with a small introduction to a feature we'd like to get started. A few of you have sent us your cosplays of SU characters and they've been pretty amazing! While searching around for pics for our art features I've seen even more out there that certainly deserve some recognition for the amazing effort the creators have put into it.

    So, we'd love to see what you guys have come up with! Send us your cosplay creations to beachcitybugle@gmail.com and we'd be happy to take a look and see if we can feature you! Show off some of your amazing cosplays everyone.

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