• Nightly Discussion #349

    Rose Quartz is so beautiful! It's really cool the amount of diversity that's in SU, from races to ages to body types and really everything! It's cool that it can have such a wide cast of characters, and touch on all of them and develop all of them here and there. Even in an episode like 'Onion Friend', we learned a little about Sour Cream and his family, as well as Amethyst, while the focal point of the episode remained mostly on Steven. That's so much to pack into only 11 minutes! SU is awesome and it's good to have a weekly episode schedule again.

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  • Drawing Things Out #333

    Yo time to check out some awesome art! Remember no spoilers until tomorrow.

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  • AMV: This is War

    Check out this super awesome AMV! The editing is fantastic! If you want to get someone into the series, show them this action packed awesomeness!

  • Barn Mates - Episode Discussion/Streams

    This week's episode is called "Barn Mates," so it's pretty easy to guess what this'll be about. Instead of fixing the small hole in the side of the barn, Peridot accidentally builds an identical copy of the barn (complete with hole) next door! She covers for it by naming the old barn "Percy" and the new barn "Pierre." Lapis makes the mistake of asking why, and Peridot probably spends the next 10 minutes of real time explaining it to her. Lapis-Lazuli-not-amused.jpg. I mean it's obvious, right? What else could this episode be about? I dunno, I don't even speak French!

    If France hasn't spoiled everything for you, join us at 7:00 ET/PT on Cartoon Network. If you're in France and still haven't been spoiled, we've got streams and downloads after the break.

    Oh, and please do your best to keep the comments spoiler-free until the episode airs. Thanks!
  • AMV: Her

    Who wouldn't enjoy this awesome PearlRose AMV? Check it out, below the break! It's super well done, and the song fits great! Top notch editing here!

  • Fan Theory: Jasper's Return

    Sometimes fan theories are silly. But hey, maybe this one could make a good fanfiction!

  • Comic: Fit / The Thirst Continues / Remember Me, Part 1

    Join the Crystal Gems for some awesome adventures!

  • Vote Steven Universe for the Fox Teen Choice Awards!

    Head on over to the source to vote for SU! Looks like it's up against some stuff competition with Gravity Falls and Over the Garden Wall in the mix! The 2016 Teen Choice Awards are July 31, so be sure to cast your vote today!

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  • Story: PERInormal Activity

    [Dark] [Shipping]

    Author: 10percent
    Description: Human AU where maybe Peridot isn't haunting the wrong person after all.. Rated T for swearing and alcohol use. "...If you can hear me, scream-"
    PERInormal Activity

    Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Human