• Nightly Discussion #217

    I think we were expecting something more lovey dovey and romantic out of Ruby and Sapphire's first meeting. It seemed a little rushed in the episode. I guess that's what happens when you have to cram a great story into 11 minutes. I wonder if we'll get to see more in the show about how their relationship developed? Did you have any headcanons about how they met, and how they first formed Garnet?

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  • Drawing Things Out #210: Week of Garnet Day 6

    Check out all the great fan art of Garnet's new design!

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  • Music: Something Entirely New Cover Compilation #2

    There are three absolutely beautiful covers of Something Entirely New, below the break. Be sure to listen to them all! It may be the same song, but they all sound entirely different. ;)

  • Review - Steven Universe: Log Date 7 15 2

    Peridot has learned a lot from the Crystal Gems. She's gone from a sheltered, brainwashed Homeworld Gem, to a free thinking, Earth living Crystal Clod Gem. Peridot did tell Amethyst that "I'm still learning. I hope you understand. I want to understand." So even though when the episode began she wasn't 100% on board with Garnet being a constant fusion, she did pose the questions to Garnet that were nagging on her mind. All the gems on Earth seem to be different from what Homeworld taught her, thinking and acting and working together in way's she's never seen before. Peridot seems to finally be getting what the Crystal Gems are all about, thanks in no small part to Garnet. The Appraiser has a review of the episode at the link below!

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  • SU Stop Motion Animation From CN Latin America

    Apparently one of the foreign Cartoon Network TV stations commissions this awesome SU commercial! It starts off like a regular episode, and then changes into a super cool stop motion piece. Check out this great animated promo, after the break!

  • Steven Universe catches up with Peridot in a lovely episode

    Peridot definitely got up to some adorable antics in 'Log Date 7 15 2'. Luckily, it didn't detract from the great lesson taught later in the episode by Garnet. It's interesting that due to Steven's influence on Peridot, and showing her a simple TV show, Garnet was then able to easily explain fusion to Peridot in a way she understood. Gems would never think of watching TV as a leisure activity. It is only by Steven prompting the gems that they watch shows or movies with him, which most of the time they don't understand. The last episode of the bomb definitely left us with lots to theorize about and ponder. Check out the A.V. Club's recap at the link below.

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  • AMV: For Him.

    This AMV had a bit of a different song that I'm not entirely sure works. But the clips are great quality, and the editing is pretty good. Check out the video and give your own verdict in the comments!

  • Comic: Expendable / Hot / Three Eyed Beast

    Check out these great Ruby and Sapphire comics! The last one is ongoing, so be sure to follow for updates!

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  • Log Date 7 15 2 - Steven Universe Recap Vlog

    Peridot may be a shapeless shipper of the characters in Camp Pining Hearts, but she has a lot to learn about relationships in real life. I bet that eventually she'll come to understand fusion, and try it for herself. Both Peridot and Garnet had some great moments in this episode, so let's revisit it with a recap from StevRayBro!

  • Story: I Now Pronounce You Garnet

    Made some fan art of Ruby and Sapphire to congratulate the U.S. on legalizing gay marriage everywhere!! ❤️💛💚💙💜

    Author: Sarielle
    Description: After being invited to Connie's cousin's wedding Steven comes up with a plan to throw a wedding for Garnet.
    I Now Pronounce You Garnet 
  • Charlyne Yi Plays Tea Kettle Blues

    Since it's Week of Garnet, we decided to bring you a special musical rendition from Charlyne Yi, voice of Ruby. Ever wondered what the VA's of Steven Universe are doing in their spare time? Wonder no more!