• BCB Change Log!

    Heya guys! Some of you who have been checking out the site today might have noticed the weird things going on with the comment system. Well, I was working on some improvements today and I've gotten most of the bugs out.

    So what changed exactly?
    • Some leftover text and labels from EqD during the template switch have been changed/removed
    • The favicon has been fixed so you should see the BCB logo in your tabs from now on instead the occasional EqD logo that would load due to being tucked in a bit of code
    • Most importantly I think, comments have been improved to now let people comment anonymously, using Twitter, Intense Debate, and Wordpress. Facebook functionality is being worked on and I hope to get that working soon!
    At any rate, have a great night guys! Thanks for the material you've sent in so far and for visiting the site.
  • AMV: You Are The One

    Got a nice AMV for you guys tonight with some decent editing and a lovely song choice to go along with the visuals and voice work from the actual show spliced in.

    Get some feels after the break my friends!

  • Survey: What Crying Breakfast Friend Are You?

    Remember the quiz that Steven had for his friends on what sort of Crying Breakfast Friend they may be? Well that quiz has been made into one you can take yourself and find out what sort of sad breakfast meal you just might be!

    Check it all out at the link below and share your results in the comments!

    Crying Breakfast Friends

    Twitter: Calpain 
  • Nightly Discussion #2

    First off a huge apology for the comment wipe over the course of the day! I was fiddling with Intense Debate to allow people to use things like Twitter, Wordpress, and Anon commenting for posts but Intense wouldn't let me implement changes without losing the comments. Things should be back to normal now, no more tinkering on my part since it seems mostly fixed.

    Anyhow, evening everyone! Hope you are all well! Ready to chat tonight?

    Twitter: Calpain
  • The Crewniverse

    A whole lot of stuff goes into making a show, and Steven Universe is of course no exception to this rule. Now, thanks to the power of Tumblr, and the kindness of the Crewniverse (That's an amazing pun) we can see a lot of what helps keep Steven Universe running. From storyboard art, reference sheets, episode art and backgrounds, the Crewniverse Tumblr showcases all kinds of awesome stuff that you just can't miss.

    Pictures and link to the Crewniverse Tumblr after the break!

  • Multilingual Steven Universe Song Playlist!

    One of the lovely things about a show that can be seen around the world is that we get to hear all the interesting dubs that are made for different languages. Each one is like hearing the song again for the first time and sometimes they can sound even better than the English dub at times!

    One dedicated fan has created playlists containing tons of multilingual versions of popular songs from SU and they are certainly worth a listen! Check out the link below to visit his whole playlist page for some jamming tunes.

    Multilingual Steven Universe

    Twitter: Calpain
  • Comic: Garnet Marries Garnet / Don't Encourage Him

    Time for a mix of sweetness and silliness guys! Steven really does bring the best out of these Gems doesn't he? Guess that's a benefit for being part Gem and part human, huh?

    Comics! Click for full!

    Twitter: Calpain
  • Music: Steven Universe System of a Down

    So what would things have been like if SU was made in the 90s? Well you might just get an intro like this!

    Rock out to it after the break!

    Accidentally posted this yesterday. I am a derp. -Cal

  • Animatic: Hum

    One thing Steven Universe is really good at is upping the cute factor to 11! The characters are really well characterized so it's easier to make compelling pieces of fanwork with them. For instance, this lovely animatic made by Ater-Nova is quite well drawn and has a good musical score to back it up.

    Check it out after the break and thanks to Marshall for sending it in!

    Slight volume warning: Make sure your volume is down a bit before listening.

  • New Rebecca Sugar Interview Reveals New Era for Show!

    A new interview with Rebecca Sugar has come out as the Steven Bomb keeps ticking down! Newsarama has sat down with both Rebecca Sugar and Lamar Abrams to talk about what we can expect from episodes in season 2 now that Steven knows more about the Gem Homeworld.

    According to Sugar, 'this is where the show show starts' so I bet we can expect some insane world building and situations that take our Gems to the limit! Check the link below for the full interview!

    Newsarama Interview

    Twitter: Calpain
  • Steven Universe—The Comic Series

    "Yeah… Wait. I can do that too?"—Steven, Steven Universe

    Okay, let's see how this goes! Calpain graciously asked me to cover the news related to the Steven Universe Comic Series by Boom, much like how I've been doing the same on EQD for the MLP Comic Series by IDW.

    Naturally, BCB is a little backlogged on this series! It's not like this is EQD—which was already in existence when the MLP Comic Series was announced and (and launched in November of 2012). After all, we just launched!

    So, to catch up ASAP, this first post will be a compilation of the first eight issues of the Main SU Comic Series, as well as the Greg Universe Special Issue. With of course discussions to be happening in the comments section for all issues released thus far.

    I am looking forward to the mass chaos discussing nine comics at once will create!

    So without further delay… let us begin the Beach City Bugle's coverage of Steven Universe—The Comic Series!

  • The Problem With Gemsonas

    I know dealing with the pony world coming up with an OC can be a difficult thing. Seems like it can be even more difficult for fans of SU since there are only so many gemstones out there! At least some people come up with creative ways to get around that problem.

    Check out this short and silly video after the break! Thanks to Killian for sending it in!

  • A Burger Among Backpacks

    Have you ever wanted to have a cheeseburger backpack of your very own to take on dangerous adventures? Well now you can! While you may not be able to take it on dangerous adventures like Steven does, you CAN take it on cosplaying endeavors to cons all over, or you could just buy it to have it since it's actually a fully functioning backpack as well. I'd love to have one of these for myself if I could, but alas bringing a giant cheeseburger to class would probably reflect poorly on me and the "mature" adult that I am.

    Link to the backpack can be found below!

    Cheeseburger Backpack

    Deviantart Mynder
  • Full Steven Bomb Promo on CN!

    It might be a bit blurry, but a new promo for next week's Steven Bomb has been released on CN! Just a few more days guys and we'll be in new episode heaven!

    Check on after the break for the clip and thanks to Chevistian for sending it in!

  • Steven Universe Available on GooglePlay, iTunes, and Amazon

    I actually didn't know that Steven was out on so many digital outlets since I catch it on CN when it airs, but for those of you looking for a legit way to watch the show in HD there are a number of option available! iTunes, Google Play and Amazon have episodes available for purchase and download at the links below.

    Go on out there and support an excellent show folks!

    Google Play

    Twitter: Calpain
  • Sneak Peek of New Episode With Audio!

    The latest preview for the Steven Bomb had no audio, but we've been able to fix the audio issue guys! Check it out after the break.

    (Please don't hate me)