• Nightly Discussion #143

    Good evening! Welcome to November! Halloween is over, and now it's time to stuff your face full of discounted candy! And buy your Christmas tree! What do you usually do for the upcoming holidays? Have fun chatting!

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  • Drawing Things Out #135

    Even though Halloween is over, there's still a bunch more art that we didn't feature in yesterday's post. So, enjoy a second helping of the Halloween Edition of Drawing Things Out!

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  • Anmation: Pearl's Dream / Wildest Dreams

    The SU fandom seems have a lot of budding artists and animators in it! It's cool to see all the creative works. Check out two fan animations featuring Rose, after the break!

  • Music: The Lowly ft. Pearl / We Are the Crystal Gems (Instrumental) / We Are the Crystal Gems (Remix)

    We're featuring two different versions of We Are the Crystal Gems in this post, but the songs are vastly different! Be sure to give all 3 of today's featured songs a listen, after the break!

    1.) The Lowly ft. Pearl (Parody)
    2.)  We Are the Crystal Gems (Instrumental)
    3.)  We Are the Crystal Gems (Remix)

  • Comic: Half Gem

    Putting this under the break because it's an animated gif comic. Pretty cool story. Be sure to watch it all the way through!

  • AMV: Never Be Alone

    This AMV is so well put together! The song in the background is not only super fitting, but the lines from the actual show mixed in with the clips makes this a super touching AMV! Everything about this was great to watch. See for yourself, after the break.

  • Animation: Sand Guardian

    Check out this short but well done animation, after the break! I'd say more about it, but it's short and I don't want to spoil it.

  • Comic: Together / New Home (Updated) / Unboxing / Corrupted

    Steven is the star of this comic post! The second one is very well done, and has updated from when we posted it previously. All of these comics are very cool, so be sure to click on all of them to check them out!

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  • Animation: Toy Soldiers / Lapidot / Still Here / Stay With Me

    Time for another Flipnote compilation post! Flipnote animations tend to be pretty short, so we put a bunch of them together for this post! Check out all the animations, after the break.

  • Story: Withdrawal

    Garnet in a downpour of rain.
    [Dark] [Sad]

    Author: Andwecanmessaround
    Description: They all watched in horror as Rose's gem slowly sank into her body, and Greg grabbed her arm to stop her collapsing to the floor. Garnet didn't need her future sight to know Pearl would be unable to help - the gem was visibly frozen in horror, pale blue eyes wide and hands twitching slightly as she wrapped them around her middle as if trying to physically hold herself together. Which was ironic considering the only one in the room in any danger of physically coming apart was Garnet.