• Nightly Discussion #462

    Hey hey everyone! How's it going tonight? How was everyone's Monday?

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  • Meep Morp #450

    Time to meep to the morp to the meep meep morp!

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  • Fan Theory: Blood Diamond: The Dark Truth about Rose Quartz

    We have been learning so much about gem history lately, and specifically, about Rose Quartz. The Crystal Gems always talked about how she valued all life, both on Earth, and on Homeworld. And yet, it was later revealed that she'd kept a secret Lion, bubbled one of her friends, and even shattered a Diamond. At her core, Rose Quartz was a war hero, and war is never pretty. Perhaps the wise and caring Rose Quartz has even more dark history than even the Crystal Gems know.

  • YTPMV: The Gay Love Song

    Do do do do do do do do do do!

  • My Top Four Steven Universe Fusions

    What have been your favorite fusions in the show so far? Do you think a future fusion could take the top spot on your list? Well, Steven Universe Inc. has made a great video with their top four fusions. Let us know your top fusions in the comments!

  • Steven Universe VS Social Norms

    Cartoon Network has been airing a slew of fantastic cartoons over the last few years. It's nostalgic, like reliving the 90's, for those of us who are old enough. And yet, one show stands out above the rest, not only for it's high quality animation and writing, but for the depth of its characters and its willingness to tackle tough issues. Steven Universe treats viewers, no matter what age, as if they are intelligent. It doesn't avoid serious topics, and in addition, it provides representation for types of character that are rarely or have never been seen in children's media. It blow away all social norms, and shows many people that what they feel and how they act are not abnormal, wrong, or evil. Saberspark has an analysis of of the show and what fans think about it, below!

  • Fan Theory: New Gem Human Hybrid Incoming?!

    With Steven Universe, you never know what kind of plot twist Rebecca Sugar and the Crewniverse are going to pull! But would they ever make a character just like Steven?

  • AMV: Turbulence

    If you're Monday is going great, take a look at this nice and calming AMV. The editing is great, and the music super chill. It's below the break, just waiting for you!

  • An Extra Layer Of Onion | Steven Universe Season 4 Episode 7 Review

    We're starting off the morning with some interesting reviews of the latest episode. How did you feel about it? Remember if you make your own reviews, please feel free to submit them to us! Now enjoy Geass Universe's review, below the break!

  • Steven Universe Review - Onion Gang

    This episode fell flat with many fans. It was slice of life, exploring the day of one of Beach City's oddest characters. And yet, it shows that, much like Rose Quartz, Steven sees beauty and value in all people, even ones he may not understand. His life is not always made up of monsters and magic, but instead is sometimes is very very simple.