• Nightly Discussion #210

    I haven't been talking to folks about the Steven Bomb and that's why I'm late. Actually I have 4 different art streams open with 7 streamers total who are all making SU art. So how'd you like the Steven Bomb? Hate it? Love it? What was your favorite episode?

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  • Drawing Things Out #203

    I bet the Pearls get together and gossip. Check out all the Steven Bomb fan art!

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  • BCB Event: Week of Garnet

    The StevenBomb might be over, but we're not gonna let the party stop! This has been a great week in the show, hasn't it? Steven's universe is expanding, and now we're learning all about Homeworld and our antagonists, the Diamond Authority. And we learned the origin of Garnet! Unfortunately, as far as we know, there's no new episode next week. But don't worry, we have the answer. A whole week of the Answer!

    Each day, we'll be featuring a different short, completed fanfic featuring Ruby, Sapphire, or the combination of the two. We'll also be featuring fusion-centric art all week, so please submit your best Garnet art, comics, and music to beachcitybugle@gmail.com.
  • Music Tracks From 'The Answer' Uploaded!

    Aivi & Surasshu uploaded 5 tracks of background music from 'The Answer'! Listen to them all below. If you want to hear Something Entirely New, that's over here.

  • Log Date 7 15 2 - Episode Discussion/Streams

    Here we go folks, the episode we've all been waiting for: The one that explains Peridot's log dates! Now we have some spacing and we can all see what some of us had called before: It's a formatted date! Here's all the log entries we've heard:
    • Warp Tour: 3 1 2
    • Keeping It Together: 6 5 2
    • Too Far: 7 11 2
    • Log Date 7 15 2: 7 15 2 (probably)
    So it's a month (or gem equivalent), day (or gem equivalent) and year (or gem equivalent)
    Y'think the 2 is a mission year, a calendar year, or is Peridot only 2 gem years old?
    Also that means Peridot lost over a month's worth of logs when Amethyst threw her stuff away! This is why we set up automatic offsite backups, dear.

    Mark your entries 1 8 16 when you live-log the episode at 5:30 ET/PT on Cartoon Network. Or use one of the online backups listed after the break.

  • Episode Followup: Message Received

    Well well, a Raven episode, is it? I hope we don't run into anything scray like a hospital full of gem monsters or a living mascot suit! What could possibly go wrong?

  • 'Message Received' Storyboards From Paul Villeco

    'Message Received' showed us what both Yellow Diamond and her Pearl look like. Not only that, but the voice actress for Yellow Diamond, Patti Lupone, starred in her first ever cartoon role! Check out a bunch of awesome storyboards, after the break, and more at the source!

  • Steven Universe Review - Message Received

    Another episode, another review from AJ Universe! What did you think of the episode? There was definitely a lot to take in. We've learned a lot about gems and their history this week, and there's still one more episode to go. Check out the review of 'Message Received', after the break!

  • Fan Theory: Pink Diamond's Gem

    What does this image have to tell us about Pink Diamond's Gem? If this theory is correct, it could have clues to the identity of Pink Diamond herself! Check it out after the break.