• Nightly Discussion #65

    By the time you read this, I will be in Portland! Yep, Emerald is off on a weekend trip, but she scheduled a ton of posts in advance before leaving. I'll also be checking up on things on my phone, and hopefully if anything exciting and newsworthy happened today Calapin caught it!

    Tonight's question is, have you ever been to another country?

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  • Drawing Things Out #58

    I know I've said it before, but I just love these little animation gifs so much! And there just seem to be so many out there! I often incorporate them into the art below as well, and there still seem to be more to spare! Hope you enjoy all the cool creative works tonight!

    Source 1

  • Fan Dub: Peridot's Intro

    An SU fan who goes by The-Twili-Twit did a dub of Peridot singing her own version of the theme song. YouTube user piesnumberTWO made it into a short AMV. There's some neat video editing, and the song is pretty good, so be sure to check it out!

  • Music: That's Fusion (Remix) / Be Wherever You Are (Cover) / We Are the Crystal Gems Extended (Cover)

    Have fun listening to these cool jams! Check them out, after the break!

    1.) That's Fusion (Remix)
    2.) Be Wherever You Are (Cover)
    3.) We Are the Crystal Gems Extended (Cover)

  • Comic: Introductions / Pearl and Garnet / Traitor

    It's a Pearl comic post! My favorite is the last one. Click for full view on all of these.

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  • AMV: Mountains

    This was a really sweet AMV. I definitely dig the music that was used. I love that it manages to explore a lot of the struggles of the characters. The music is super fitting as well. Be sure to check this one out!

  • Everything Wrong With Cheeseburger Backpack in 2 Minutes or Less

    Time for an episode analysis of everything wrong with Cheeseburger Backpack! If you're into catching every single mistake from episodes, then SourceMaster_'s channel is for you! Although I would enjoy a guide that defines what a sin actually is, since some of these aren't animation errors. Check this one out, after the break!

  • Comic: Gemception Final / Dirty Looks / Wieners

    It's a mish-mash of cool comics today! Click the pics to read the rest!

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  • Animation: Pearl and Steven

    A neato little animation with Pearl and Steven (uh, as the title implies). It's pretty cute though! I wish it was longer though, since it's so good. Watch after the break!

  • Story: Together, Alone

    Square Mom

    Author: JoyHeart
    Description: Garnet is perfect. She is the manifestation of the ideal relationship between two gems that could not live without each other as close as two could be. Her plans always succeed and she is stronger than anyone, stable and confident. Pearl, Amethyst, and Steven could not be luckier to have her leading them into battle.
    But after a particularly close call in the arctic against a Hydra creature and facing off once more against Peridot and Malachite, Garnet is put under more pressure than ever before, and this time she might need to rely on help from an unexpected source.
     Together, Alone