• Nightly Discussion #131

    I really want to see Amethyst and Pearl's fusion dance! Maybe Pearl will see Amethyst and Peridot getting all buddy buddy, and pull a similar stunt like she did in 'We Need To Talk'. I can just see her fusing with Amethyst to show off to Peridot and make her uncomfortable. And that's the moment when she'd realize just how much she always cared for the purple gem. Suddenly the nightly discussion turns into Emerald's personal fanfiction. So, what do you think Pearl and Amethyst's fusion dance is like?

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  • Drawing Things Out #124: Week of Opal Day 3

    I hopal for more Opal in the show! Until then, there's the BCB's Week of Opal to keep me company.

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  • Giant Woman in Swedish

    For Week of Opal, we've got another SU song in another language! This time, it's 'Giant Woman'! Steven sounds so cute. Give it a listen, after the break!

  • Fan Theory: Gem Hierarchy

    Is there more to Amethyst, and quartz gems in general, than meets the eye? Amethyst, Jasper, and Steven are all quartz gems, so they're probably all viewed in high authority by Peridot. Of course, since Jasper isn't around and Steven is only half gem, Amethyst is naturally seen as the strongest of the bunch. Ruby and Sapphire are both minerals, as is Peridot. Pearl is also a mineral, so it's odd that she would rank lower on the Homeworld totem pole than Peridot. I wonder where rubies and sapphires fall in regards to ranking. Hopefully that's something that'll be revealed once the hiatus ends. Check out some more fan speculation, after the break!

  • Animation: Will You Always Love Me?

    It's another little flipnote animation! This one is pretty fluid, and timed well with the music. Give it a watch, after the break!

  • AMV: All of My Love

    A cool AMV featuring Pearl and Amethyst! Happy Week of Opal!

  • Spotlight Music: Opalescence

    An amazing fan song inspired by Opal! Listen to the swanky tune, after the break!

  • Comic: Would You? / Possessive / Taken For Your Word

    Some beautiful and hard hitting Pearl and Amethyst comics today! Be sure to check them all out!

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  • Article: Peridot goes “Too Far” for Steven Universe

    A great article that examines Peridot's recent character growth in detail, and how that relates to the Crystal Gems. Near the end, it does get a bit too speculative into the hinted Amedot shipping in the 'Too Far' episode. But, it does make up for it with some memorable quotes. Read the full article and analysis at the link below!

    Peridot goes “Too Far” for Steven Universe

    Thanks to Ryan for sending this in!

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  • Story: Reaper Gem

    SU: Bad Pearl and Amethyst
    [Grimdark] [Shipping] 

    Author: xXSpiritKeeperXx
    Description:  "Come with me, Amethyst?" Pearl asked, one hand gripping the bat like she would a sword: like it was an extension of her arm. Her shoes crunched on glass.

    Amethyst stared. Here was a fallen angel, offering her companionship if nothing else in this godforsaken town. What else was there to lose?

    "You got it, P," Amethyst said, all smooth and shaded, offering a bright shard of her soul to this valkyrie with alabaster skin and a heart that burned like liquid nitrogen.
    Reaper Gem 

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