• Nightly Discussion #650

    Howdy ya'll! Little Ursa here with your completely normal Nightly Discussion! I have to ask this question: while we all love the bearstack, who is your favorite non-bear? Like, I know Grizz, Panda, and Ice Bear are the center of attention for the show, but there are others! Who's your fav? Mine totally has to be Ranger Tabes. Her energy is just infectious!
  • We Draw Bears #640

    Boy, I sure do love some WBB! It's great to have a fan site dedicated to these three lovable guys!

    Source 1

  • Update of Upcoming Episodes of We Bare Bears

    Looks like we are in luck this month. According to Daniel, we should be getting new episodes this month, despite being told we they were coming in March. According to Zap2It, we will be getting a total of 16(!) episodes this month, starting on Monday April 3rd with "Grizzly The Movie". With a new episode every weekday, it's going to be a fun month!
  • Storyboard Artist Louie Zong's Soundcloud

    One of the talented storyboard artist of We Bare Bears, Louie Zong, is also a very talented musician in his own right! In fact, you can listen to his wonderful music on his SoundCloud and Bandcamp. He has numerous of original works, some covers of We Bare Bears music, and even a cover from Night In The Woods. Go give his stuff a listen, I always imagine his music and art are interlinked.
  • Pre-Order We Bare Bear Plushies from Cartoon Network Shop

    The long wait is over! Now you too can get your own set of We Bare Bear plushies! Get the whole bearstack from the Cartoon Network shop! Grizz, Panda, and Ice Bear are currently available for pre-order. Individually they are $24.95 plus shipping and handling and as a set they total $69.95 plus shipping and handling. Each plush measures 12 inches long and they are stackable. The pre-orders are scheduled to be shipped on July 1st.
  • Hey, It's That Voice! #34: Patton Oswalt

    Hello and welcome back to "Hey, It's That Voice!", where we look at the voices behind the voices behind the characters in We Bare Bears. Today, we will look at the voice behind the little internet celebrity, Nom Nom!
  • Daniel Chong on Creating We Bare Bears

    On Twitter, series creator Daniel Chong shared details of why he created We Bare Bears. In the image, which continues below, Chong addresses the questions and criticism he got about his show. Read about why he created We Bare Bears after the break.

  • The Three Bare Bears Webcomic

    Curious where We Bare Bears came from? Well, Daniel Chong started We Bare Bears as a webcomic about Grizz, Panda, and Ice Bear back in 2010. You can find the comics here and see where some of the episodes came from.
  • Demo of Chloe and Ice Bear's duet from "Everybody's Tube"

    Cartoon Network shared via Twitter an early demo of Chloe and Ice Bear's duet from "Everybody's Tube". In it, we get a very different and a very beautiful song sung by Chloe's voice actress, Charlene Yi. Click the video to listen!
  • Story: TV Party

    [Comedy] [Slice of Life]

    Author: littleursa
    Description: Grizz, Panda, and Ice Bear are given a DVD by Chloe of the cartoon 'Steven Universe'. The bears give the cartoon a watch and give their opinions of the first episode.
    TV Party