• Nightly Discussion #152

    Hey everyone! I wonder if the Crystal Gems used to do more human things, like watching movies, or farming, or keeping pets. Maybe they used to be more human, for a few hundred years, but got bored of that and realized how pointless it was since they're immortal. They don't need to eat, or sleep, they don't need shelter, and they don't need money. Humans have purposes for what they do, and gems... what is their purpose? Even on Homeworld. They exist, sure. They obviously try to conquer/destroy other planets like Earth. But why? Just to be more powerful? Maybe Rose finally asked herself those questions, and that's what made her change her ways. I mean, if you're immortal, why not try to protect and care for things that aren't immortal? Anyway, enough waxing philosophical, this isn't a fan theory post! Have a good discussion tonight.

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  • Drawing Things Out #144

    Check out all of tonight's awesome art! I can't believe how much cool creative stuff the fandom outputs! Enjoy, after the break!

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  • AMV: Spooky Scary Skeletons

    We know Halloween's over, but that doesn't mean the spooky scary fun has to end! Check out this awesome Halloween AMV which is just all of Raven Molisee's episodes!

  • Fan Theory: Gems are Artificial Intelligence

    Now here's an interesting fan theory. What if someone, or something else, original created gems? Some other life form plants the first Kindergarten on another planet, gems grow and emerge, and then form their own societies. Thousands of years later, they're now self sufficient enough to conquer other planets to make more of their kind. You decide how plausible this fan theory is!

  • Music: Synthy Universe / Gem La Gem (Mashup) / The Hotline Returns

    Listen to these great songs! The Gem La Gem mashup is really cool! Enjoy it, and the rest of today's music picks!

    1.) Synthy Universe (Instrumental)
    2.) Gem La Gem (Mashup)
    3.) The Hotline Returns (Mashup)

  • Everything Wrong With Bubble Buddies in 4 Minutes or Less

    It's another 'Everything Wrong With' analysis video! This was a pretty good Crystal Sins episode. Give it a watch, after the break!

  • Animation: Magia CRYSTAL!

    For all those Madoka Magica fans out there, this animation combines Steven Universe and the lovable Anime! Check out the animation below!

  • Comic: Randomly Selected / A Nightmare on Beach City Street / Reckless

    Peridot's starring in this comic post! These are all really well done and neat comics, so be sure to click them all for full view.

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  • Doug Walker Vlogs: The Return

    Jailbreak sure was a great Lapis episode! At least according to Doug and Rob. This is further supported by the fact that they almost couldn't remember Sapphire's name. I guess Ruby didn't run around yelling her name enough times for it to stick. Anyway, enjoy the latest episode vlog!

  • Story: Contrariety


    Author: nagginggargoyle
    Description: Pearl snubs Mayor Dewey in the rain, on the train, in a house, and with a mouse.