• Nightly Discussion #222

    Sick brain keeps making Emerald forget to schedule the discussion post. How are you all this evening? When will we see Lapis again? For that matter, when will we see episodes again? Why have the nightly discussions been so empty lately? So many questions, so few answers.

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  • Drawing Things Out #215

    I feel like being in a cuddle puddle like the picture above. I'm pretty sick right now. But I'm still here to bring you great art and cool posts!

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  • stevefeld.mp4

    What if Steven Universe was filmed before a live studio audience?

  • Steven Universe Episode Review: Message Recieved

    Peridot is a totally different character than the serious rule follower she was a year ago. She has definitely gone through a lot of change and character growth, and it just makes her more lovable! Check out the episode review for 'Message Received' below!

  • AMV: A Life Well Lived

    What kind of memories would Peridot flashback to before her death? This video gives a look at some of the possibilities.

  • Animation: Three Rubies

    Some of you may be unfamiliar with The Three Stooges, which this is a parody of. If you haven't watched The Three Stooges before, I suggest taking a look at some YouTube videos. Even if you haven't, this is still a pretty fun video.

  • Every Single Time Peridot Says "Clods" (UPDATED)

    Steven Bomb 4 brought a bunch more instances of Peridot saying Clods. Mkatwood has updated their previous Clod counter video to reflect all the new "clods" that popped up during the recent episodes.

  • Comic: Thief / Beginning of a Rebellion / Reward

    Pearl and Rose are the two great gems this comic post features!

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  • Message Recieved - Steven Universe Recap Vlog

    Steven is always extremely trusting of everyone he meets. From Lars, to Lapis Lazuli, to Yellow Diamond, to Peridot - Steven always wants to believe the best of people. It was great to see Peridot shatter that rose colored perception of the world, but also prove that when Steven really believes in something, it might just come true. Check out StevRayBro's recap of 'Message Received'. This was a great analysis video, so give it a watch!

  • Fan Theory: The Rose Diamond Theory

    A lot of us have heard of the whole, 'Rose Quartz is Pink Diamond theory'. Before you skip over this video though, take a look at AJ Universe's spin on the old theory. There is some new information that isn't normally discussed, so check it out!