• Nightly Discussion #236

    How's it going tonight, everyone? Who thinks that Peridot will eventually get her limb enhancers back? Do you think she'd take them back, or do you think she's accepted herself as she is? Sure, she does seem to like being taller, but maybe leaving behind her limb enhancers will be like her throwing away her last ties to Homeworld. She thought she needed them to be an effective member of society, but the Crystal Gems have taught her that she can do so much on her own. Anyway, have a great discussion!

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  • Drawing Things Out #229

    Take a look at all the super awesome art in tonight's post!

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  • Vote For Steven Universe For the Kids Choice Awards!

    Steven Universe has been nominated for the Kids Choice Award 2016 in the Favourite Cartoon category! And it's slated on the voting list right between Spongebob Squarepants and Teen Titans Go! What competition! There is NO LIMIT to voting, so you can keep hitting that button to vote for Steven Universe! Hit the link below and cast your votes for SU!

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  • HappyGoLucky Review's 'The Answer'

    An episode jam packed with gem lore kicked off the last Steven bomb! Check out HappyGoLucky's thoughts on the episode!

  • Super Cool Fan Made Storyboards From nikkidillon!

    nikkidillon put together some amazing fan made storyboards. Be sure to check out the source link for the story behind the boards! The artist says it's still a work in progress, so I certainly hope there's more to come!

  • Random Gemsona Generator!

    Have you been wanting to make a gemsona, but are stumped for an origin story? Not sure what gem you should choose for your character? Looking for a random prompt to start an OC story? Mr. B sent in this link for a Random Gem Generator! There are all sorts of great characters available to help you get started creating your own gemsona! And if you don't like what you get on the first try, just refresh the page for a new gem!

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  • The Facebook Movie (Game Grumps)


  • Comic: Not the Only One / Ridiculous / "Miracle"

    Life on Earth isn't always easy when you're from another planet. Just take a look at all the trouble Peridot has!

  • Peridot Learning Things

    Peridot has learned a lot about the Earth, humans, and what the Crystal Gems stand for. Check out a compilation of all the things she's learned about so far!

  • Steven Universe Review - An Indirect Kiss

    I do wonder, being half gem and half human, and also having healing spit, if Steven can actually get sick. Does his body just automatically heal itself at the first sign of illness? We DID see him have allergies in 'Warp Tour', so he's not completely immune to the failings of the human body. Catch AJ Universe's review of this episode, after the break!