• Nightly Discussion #483

    Okie dokie Smoky! What a cool gem they are! Wonder who we'll see fuse with Steven next? What do you think?

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  • Meep Morp #471

    Meep morps will return, right after- Oh wait, now!

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  • Fan Theory: Gem Geography & Pink Diamond

    So, gems came to Earth and messed with the landscape. Why shouldn't they, when they wanted to suck the planet dry anyway? But were the geographical changes on purpose, or due to something going wrong while the war was happening? Did Homeworld have an entire plan for what they would reform the world to look like? And could Pink Diamond dunk a sweet basket?

  • Animation: Gemanimate

    IT'S FINALLY HERE YOU GUYS! This massive fan project began way back in April, more than five months ago! 49 animators banded together to recreate the extended opening of Steven Universe with completely new animations from each of them! That is a huge amount of talented individuals! Hopefully we'll see more animations from these fans in the future, and hey, maybe someday they'll work on SU too!

  • YTP: Hiatus Bomb 4.1: Honey, I'm Home

    Despite the shorts being released, we're still technically in another hiatus. Time for another bombtastic YTP week with Snowstorm Thirteen!

  • Happy Birthday Grace Rolek!

    It's Connie's birthday! Well, her voice actress' birthday, anyway! She's 19 today! She not only lends her voice to Connie on SU, but she has a whole host of other roles under her belt (which you should all know from her It's That Voice! post). Grace has been voice acting since before she was born, at the good age of -13. Um, well, according to her IMDB credits, anyway. You can check out those links for more about Grace, and be sure to wish her a happy birthday on her twitter! She's pretty cool with fans and interacts with them frequently, so you might just get a reply back!

    Twitter: Emerald
  • Fan Theory: Pearl's Three Different Owners in the Past

    Pearl belonged to Rose! Pearl belonged to Pink Diamond! Pearl belonged to White Diamond! All valid theories, and there hasn't yet been an episode to prove or disprove any theories surrounding her owner. What is for certain is that she had at least one back on Homeworld. But, when a Pearl loses her owner, does she move on to a knew one? Can Pearls be given as gifts? Can Pearls be bought? So many questions. Crew, when will there be official answers?

  • Video Chat (Short) | Steven Universe Mini Review

    The mini shorts were so great! They were a cool look at what's been going on since we last saw the gems, as well as giving us a sneak peek into their daily lives. For once, nobody was in danger and nobody almost died! Although in this short, Peridot nearly lost her tablet. Not even her metal powers could protect it this time.

  • SU Easter Eggs Part 2: Video Games and Anime References!

    It's not secret that the SU crew takes inspiration from a lot of outside media. And hey, why shouldn't they? There's a lot of inspirational and awesome stuff out there, and the crew just wants to show their appreciation for someone else's work. Pretty great compliment! So what references did you miss?

  • Steven Universe Review - Beach City Drift

    AJ Universe sure is drifting on in with another fantastic episode review!