• Steven Universe Future - Episodes Discussion/Streams

    So ummmmmmm... turns out there's more!

    We've got a whole series more! And it begins tonight. Prepare to enter the Steven Universe Future! Just when you thought everything would be peaceful and happy now that Spinel has been quelled, Sugar does it to us again! What crazy adventures will Steven and the squad have now?

    Well tonight, we have four for ya:

    Little Homeschool:
    Ok, a little weird we'd be starting "Future" with a flashback, but I've personally always wondered how much schooling Steven really got growing up. It seems like he didn't attend a formal school, so the Crystal Gems must've taught him. But the only time we saw Pearl attempt just that, it didn't seem... well organized. Now we'll finally find out!

    Captain Lars and the Off-Colors are lost in space! Can Fluorite fix the guidance computer and figure out the way back home? Or will they just have to travel planet to planet, having adventures and solving crimes? Hey, it worked the first time! ... Or is this the first time? Is this episode another flashback? When do we get to the "Future"?

    Rose Buds:
    Um ok, apparently another flashback episode? In a time before Steven, we get to see Rose Quartz experimenting with her weird creeping moss! Or would you call it creepy moss? Lots of backstory being filled in tonight! But I hope we get to see the "Future"!

    In which Watermelon Tourmaline gets to finally play in that volleyball game she missed out on back in Beach Party! Finally, the "Future"! And with Gems playing casual sports, I'd say the future looks bright!

    This Steven Universe Future begins after the movie at 8PM ET/PT on Cartoon Network! But if you're living in The Future and don't have cable, don't worry! We've got streams and downloads after the break.