• Nightly Discussion #499

    Art styles are really cool. It's amazing how you can know an artist from how they draw, no matter the character. And it adds so much variety when looking at fanart. Every piece is unique. It's intense how much creativity there is out there!

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  • Meep Morp #486

    Guess what time it is? Time for meep morps!

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  • Spotlight Music: A Song for Lapis (Original)

    Woah, it has been a long time since I've seen an original SU song! Here's an awesome jam about Lapis from LuiC!

  • Rebecca Sugar Featured in Hollywood’s New Leaders 2016: The Creatives

    LOOK AT THIS! Rebecca Sugar was featured in this amazing article by Variety! Sugar talks about the inspiration from Steven Universe, based on not having a gender neutral show that she herself could watch while growing up. This article is great, packed with so many people that have done amazing work this year. Sugar is just one of many, so please read the full article and check out the other creatives listed. But hey, if you don't have the time, here's Sugar's piece.

    Rebecca Sugar
    Age: 29; Creator, “Steven Universe”
    Sugar, a veteran of “Adventure Time,” brought “Steven Universe” to life in 2013, becoming Cartoon Network’s first female series creator. The show explores relationships, similar to many kids shows, but “Steven” is inclusive of the LGBTQ community. The writing and quality of the show have earned it a devout fan base. “It’s been so overwhelming. Because the show is so personal and the crew and I put so much into these characters, I am astounded about how many people connect with us,” she says. “Cartoons are expected to be gendered and I think that’s a shame. That’s something that made me feel strange when I was growing up. I didn’t like the shows that were for little girls, I wasn’t supposed to like the boys’ shows. I wanted something like this.”

    Hollywood’s New Leaders 2016: The Creatives

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  • Fan Theory: Peridot and Lapis Fusion?

    Lapis and Peridot have been hanging out at the barn a lot and getting along. Could fusion be in their future? A lot of fans seems to think so!

  • Steven Universe- Review

    SU is a fantastic show! You probably wouldn't be following this site if you didn't think so. RocketBot put together a great review of the series and his thoughts about it!

  • Steven Universe vs Kirby - JMB Rap Battle

    Let's break it down with this pink puff and this half alien! Who laid it out better?

  • AMV: Centuries

    If gems esentially live forever, I bet they're immortalized in some history books.

  • Restaurant Wars Reaction and Review!

    It's pizza time! Or fry time! Ah, fry time just doesn't have that same kind of ring to it. But dang, the Crewniverse were savage to Ronaldo!

  • Story: Black Kettle

    [Dark] [Sad]

    Author: cricketmilk
    Description: What would Bismuth say when she woke up? Would she placidly live alongside them on Earth? Would she try to kill her again? Would she tell her “I told you so”? Rose contemplates releasing Bismuth after the Gem War.
    Black Kettle