• Nightly Discussion #668

    I wonder if the Diamonds will ever meet and talk with other humans. It'd be interesting to see their interaction. Blue Diamond was open to conversing with Greg. Maybe she'd want to get to know more humans in their native environment.

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  • Meep Morp #658

    Meeps or morps, what's the difference?

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  • The Things In My Brain: SNack Time & Crocs & Creeps! SO EXTREME!

    You better take less than 2 minutes out of your day to check out Michaela's latest vlog! The hilarity does not stop!

  • Fan Theory: White Diamond's Famethyst

    Who is she? Why hasn't the fourth Diamond ever been mentioned? At this point, White Diamond is still technically a fan name. What's with all the mystery?

  • Fan Theory: Lapis Finds Out About Bismuth

    Here's an interesting perspective. Lapis meets Bismuth. We didn't get to see that in her debut (only) episode. What might that interaction be like? Here's compelling theory about how things might go down between the two of them. Hope this theory can get you thinking!

    Imagine how much Lazuli would lose it hearing that Bismuth got bubbled over a misunderstanding. Just like how she was put in a mirror over a misunderstanding.

    Knowing that Bismuth was trapped for probably twice as long as she was.

    Knowing that Bismuth was shoved away like an object amongst Rose’s belongings, like how Lazuli was shoved away inside Pearl’s gem. AND THEN THEY DID IT TO HER AGAIN.

    Knowing that Bismuth had to adapt to her old home being new and unfamiliar and then having those she trusted turn against her, just like Lazuli and Homeworld.

    Imagine Lazuli getting this kind of absolute conformation that the Crystal Gems REALLY DO only care about Earth and not other gems, and becoming all the more wary of them because of it.

    Anyways idk where I was going with this. Just more plot potential and character development that will probably be wasted by Crewniverse.

    Imagine Lapis being protective of Bismuth, doing everything she can to comfort Bismuth in a way she herself received only from Steven, whom she now has to reevaluate as someone who did agree with locking away Bismuth. And then Bismuth figuring out Lapis is “that” Lapis and that she has kept her purpose on Earth a secret, with Bismuth deciding not to say anything either and struggling whether or not to tell she’s the one who poofed her. The two working through some of their trauma together as they recall the actions of their respective sides and the friends they have lost. The two having fun together.


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  • Steven Universe: Inglourious Gems

    Never seen this movie so I'm not sure how this compares to the original, or if it would be funnier with context. Somebody let me know in the comment, eh? (Oh wait, this actually has more content than just Inglorious Bastards despite the misleading title.)

  • Fan Theory: Peridot's First Fusion Will Be With Lapis Lazuli?

    Long theorized by fans, this one's still not disproved! With new episodes coming, opportunities for new fusions are totally a possibility! And not just more episodes, but a series finale, leading to even more speculations about how the crew will wow us!

  • Keep Beach City Weird Returns With a Special Announcement!

    On hiatus since February, looks like the best blog in Beach City (probably the only blog in Beach City) has once again returned! Be sure to check out the exciting news and new post, at the link below!

    My life’s work is finally here!

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  • Steven Universe Toyline Is Coming, But There's A Catch...

    SU toys are coming! We talked about these awhile ago. Here's AwestruckVox's take on them.

  • Fan Theory: How Bismuth's Weapon Enhancements Work

    So gem weapons are made of light. But Bismuth added enhancements to the weapons of the gems. How does the physical mesh with the... whatever light is labeled as. Sure, Pearl can store things in her gem, but what about everybody else? What happens? How do they work?