• Nightly Discussion #396

    "Why would I ever want to go home, if you're here?" After Rose left, Pearl definitely felt an emptiness inside. The Crystal Gems were great company, sure, but her loyalty was steadfast to Rose. Without her there, Pearl was lost and without purpose. She fought to be free, to not live like other Pearls... but is that really what she wanted? Or was her goal always to please Rose? She fought for Earth's independence from Homeworld, and yet, she attempted to return in 'Space Race'. In all the years she was with Rose, she surely never felt homesick - because Rose was her home. "Now she's gone, but I'm still here." Even though she's her own gem, it likely doesn't make her miss Rose any less. Will Pearl find a new purpose by the time the series ends? Or is she destined to feel lost forever?

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  • Drawing Things Out #381: Week of Rainbow Quartz Day 4

    Time for another round of awesome Rainbow Quartz artwork!

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  • Fan Theory: Bismuth Discussion

    An official promo and not a leak? Say whaaatttt? Crewniverse finally released something before fans found it. Cartoon Universe is here to talk about the new clip! What did you think about the reveal?

  • Steven Universe Review - Story for Steven

    Ah yes, 'Story For Steven', Rainbow Quartz first and actually only appearance in the series to date. I wonder if we'll see her again any time soon. She didn't have a voice then, so we can't really blame it on the VA being busy as the reason for her lack of appearance... We got to see Garnet's first fusion, how about good ol' RQ's first fusion? Huh Crewniverse?

  • Poll Results: What Was the Best Episode of In Too Deep?

    Emerald REALLY needs to remember to update the poll more often... 

    Anyway, 'Hit the Diamond' took the poll by storm, and it's not wonder. New characters, hilarious antics, and more Sapphire and Ruby interactions! Now, get hype for next week and go vote in the newest poll!

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  • Fan Theory: Why Rose ISN’T Pink Diamond

    Just when it seemed SU fans had laid this theory to rest, it has resurfaced! Although this seems to be more of a recap of what we already know, rather than any additions to the theory. But hey, if anyone is still not convinced that Rose Quartz is not Pink Diamond, feel free to look at the evidence against it, below.

  • Upcoming Episode Descriptions From CN Canada!

    Hope you're ready to get hype for upcoming episodes! Any theories about deeper meanings behind these descriptions? And why the heckie is there a description missing for an episode airing next week?

  • Comic Updates: What if.. / Origins / Pearl Meets World / What Happened After the Answer

    Lots of great long running comics today!

  • Steven's Summer Adventure Banner Analysis

    There is so much fan content and theories about the new episodes, we'll have to take a little break between all the Rainbow Quartz celebration to put in a few posts about the stuff coming next week! But don't worry, we'll keep the rainbows rolling!

  • Story: Discrepancy

    [Dark] [Sad]

    Author: nagginggargoyle
    Description: Pearl never wanted to give Rose a reason to cry. But they were at war, and that didn't always work out.