• Nightly Discussion #914

    So the [Redacted Show About Yellow Humans] has been on tv for what like...90 something seasons, with 150 more seasons planned. Considering Rebecca Sugar has gotten some inspiration from that show, both in Steven Universe, and in previous work of hers, what do you think is in store for Steven Universe? 20 years of airing? A movie? Couch gags in the intros from now on?
  • Meep Morp #904

    What up, peeps, it's time for meep morps!

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  • Host of the Steven Universe Universe, Victor Frost, to be a guest at Anime Los Angeles

    Fans of the Youtube series 'Steven Universe Universe' might be happy to know that the host, Victor Frost, will be returning to Anime Los Angeles later this month! The videos, that talk about the various aspects of the universe of Steven Universe, are quite popular on Youtube and he is known for his various panels that take a deeper look into the show! If you happen to be in the Southern California area, you should definitely stop on by!
  • Spotlight Music: Here Comes a Thought - Japanese Cover

    Turns out we don't need to wait for the episodes to air in Japan to hear what the Steven Universe soundtrack might sound like in Japanese! Here's a fan translation of Here Comes A Thought. If you don't speak the language, don't worry! The video has the Japanese, Romanji, and English lyrics on the screen. I always love seeing song lyrics get reworked to fit the song and rhyme in another language, all while keeping the meaning as close to the original as possible. It's an art unto itself!

  • Steven Universe Speed Paint

    Every nightly Meep Morp, we feature plenty of amazing art. If you've been wondering how some of the more traditional pieces are created, check this video out. You get two great pieces in one video, all done by hand!

  • The Funniest Faces Made So Far

    In our episode follow-ups, we usually point out the best faces the characters make in each episode. Here's a video compilation of some of the best faces ever made on the show. Join me in saying, "Oh right, that's where that face is from!"