• Nightly Discussion #277

    Whoopsy! All the posts were on time today except this one. What do you think it's like for kindergarten gems to be born? Do they all emerge at once? Is there a sudden flood of quartz gems just bursting out of the cliff sides? What do they know when they are born? Can they talk? Can they fight? How much training do they need before they integrate into society? I wonder if we'll meet any other Jasper's or Amethyst's or even Rose Quartz's.

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  • Drawing Things Out #270

    Welcome to tonight's art post! Hope you're ready to check out some awesome artists!

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  • Fan Theory: Gem Weapons

    We've seen Pearl wield both a sword(s) and spear. She can pull both from her gem, but the swords are always pulled from storage, while the spears are created from light, the same type as her body mass. Garnet's gauntlets and Amethyst's whip are also both of light/gem produced material. Rose's shield is of the same light material, but her sword is a physical weapon like Pearl's many swords. There were also a number of gem weapons on the Strawberry battlefield, obviously physical weapons as well. So what does it all mean? Why do some gems use summoned weapons, while others use physical weapons? Why do some gems switch between the two? Check out the theory below for some answers. This is definitely one of the more solid theories I've heard recently.

  • Everyone Poops (Except You)

    Even Pearl's love for Rose Quartz couldn't make her appreciate eating.

  • AMV: Technologic

    Jam with the gems in this super cool AMV!

  • Cheap Rose Quartz Cosplay Gem Tutoral

    Looking to make an awesome yet affordable Rose Quartz gem for your Rose Quartz, Steven, or Stevonnie cosplay? Look no further! North Goth put up this awesome tutorial that shows how to make a really cool gem, from some pretty simple materials. Check out the video below and learn how to make your own gem!

  • YTP: Hiatus Bomb 1.2: Steven, WTF?

    I managed to post the right video today.

  • Comic: Oops / Beefcake Lover / Earth Forever

    If you like Amedot, you'll enjoy the first two comics! And the third one's not bad either, even though it's not a ship comic (or is it?).

  • DIY Steven Universe Skateboard!

    How would you like to have a sweet ride and show off your SU pride? Get Crafty Crafty shows you how to make an SU themed skateboard, as well as lists all the materials you'll need! You can use just about any image, so your board can be customized to your liking!

  • Story: The Grieving Process

    I never belived in “Love at First Sight” until I saw you Thinking about the Lyrics of Greg’s song alot in the context of the life he got… I think he made out okay, don’t you?

    Author: CoreyWW
    Description: One week ago, Steven was born ... and Rose died.
    Greg tries his best to care for the newborn Steven despite his grief but, honestly, he feels his pain is nothing compared to how the Gems are feeling in Rose's absence. Garnet has defused, Pearl has disappeared, and Amethyst ... well, nobody seems to even want to SAY what Amethyst is doing ...
    Can they learn to carry on without Rose ... or will they let their loss consume them?
    The Grieving Process