• Nightly Discussion #120

    How's it going everyone? With the revelation that there are literally hundred's of Pearl's in existence, who's ready to make their own Pearlsona? Lauren Zuke's Pearlsona is obviously bad Pearl since she's the creator. There's all the nega/black Pearl type as indicated above. What would your Pearlsona look like? What would her personality be? Have fun discussing!

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  • Drawing Things Out #113

    Check out all of tonight's cool art, after the break!

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  • A Day in the Life of Ruby and Sapphire

    Two very cute Ruby and Sapphire cosplayers put together a some skits involving the adorable gay rocks. Check out these super awesome outfits and actors, after the break!

  • Steven Universe Teas!

    Adagio Teas is offering some Steven Unvierse themed tea blends! Choose from a sample tin, a 3oz pouch, or a 5oz tin. If you want to get a bit of each, there's a deal to get all of them for just under $40! Check out the tin designs and flavors above, then head to the link and purchase your own!

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  • Comic: Best of Friends / Useless / Sass / Stupid Robot Power / Own Gem

    We've got 5 Peridot comics! There has been a lot of this green gem in episodes lately, so it's no wonder she's popping up in so many creative works! Check them all out by clicking for full view. (The second one has a few animated panels.)

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  • Rebecca Sugar Proves What We Knew All Along on Her Twitter

    If you frequent Twitter, you've probably seen a lot of people changing their names in honor of the upcoming Halloween holiday. Some of the Crewniverse have even joined in the fun! For example, Amber Rogers is now Ambone Graverogers, Matt Burnett is now Bat Boo-nett, Surasshu is now suraboo, and Aivi Tran is now Aivi Tarantula. As for Rebecca Sugar, she just gets right to the point.

    Rather than trying to be punny like 99% of the rest of twitter participants, Rebecca Sugar proves all along what we already knew: she wants SU to literally kill us all. Is her goal to make us die of heart attacks from cute characters? Is our outcome to die of emotional turmoil? Once again, we are left wondering just what fate R. Sugar has in store for us. If you don't already follow her on Twitter, DO IT!

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  • Episode Followup: Back to the Barn

    Another Thursday, another episode! A lot of fan theories about Pearl were confirmed, Peridot was adorable as always, and Steven was very Steven. Check out today's followup!

  • 'Too Far' Promo #2!

    Looks like another promo for next week's episode has popped up! It is really cute! Check it out, after the break!

  • 'Back to the Barn' Ending Theme!

    So, 'Back to the Barn' had a new ending! And not only that, but it had an entirely different background from what we've seen before. Where's all the nice music? Where is this new background located? What does it all mean?! What a way to ramp up to the holiday hiatus! Thanks, Sugar.

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  • 'Too Far' Promo!

    I put this up for 9am because it's literally 3 seconds. Hope it hypes up your day!