• Nightly Discussion #127

    Good evening all! Hope you're all gearing up for an awesome weekend! It's day 1 of the hiatus, but fandom morale is still high and riding off the hype of 'Too Far'! Don't forget that Monday begins the BCB's Week of Opal event! Be sure to submit all your Pearl, Amethyst, and Opal creative works! Have a great chat tonight!

    Twitter: Emerald
  • Drawing Things Out #120

    Hope you like Amethyst and Peridot! There is a ton of art of these two because of the recent episode.

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  • All About Lapis Lazuli

    Here's a super neat video by user scampy, which details all we know about Lapis Lazuli and what that could mean for her character. Check out the video below, and leave your own thoughts about Lapis in the comments!

  • Article: "Too Far" Recap

    iDigital Times put out an episode recap of 'Too Far'. Looks like we'll still be in the Barn Arc when SU comes back from hiatus after the holidays. It is still a bit odd that Peridot would call feet "gravity connectors", and yet she called her boot attachment for her leg limb enhancer a "foot". Aside from that, Peridot has undergone massive character development in the last four episodes. Read the full in depth article below!

  • Everything Wrong with Cat Fingers in 4 Minutes or Less

    It's time for another great analysis video from SourceMaster_! Catch the latest installment of the Everything Wrong with series after the break, and be sure to check out the other Crystal Sins videos!

  • Steven Universe Songs in Swedish

    Looks like a few of Swedish versions of SU songs have been uploaded to YouTube! There are five songs after the break, which include the intro, 'Dear Old Dad', 'Be Wherever You Are', 'On the Run', and 'Stronger Than You'. If anybody finds more music in other languages besides English, please feel free to submit them to us!

  • Episode Followup: Too Far

    New SU this Thursday boarded by Lauren and me! (Unless you were at NYComic Con and saw the sneak peak… It’s just another rerun for you peeps.)
    Too Far! I'll tell you what's too far, the next episode is Too Far! Away, I mean. Too far away. This episode was Too Far. That's the title. The epis... yeah ok, see you after the break.

    The page break, I mean.

  • Fan Theory: Another Amethyst?

    Some of you may find this post a little spoilery regarding future episodes. All that's included that is 100% confirmed is some episode titles. However, the speculation has a good chance of being true, so it may end up spoiling the episode for you if this theory turns out to be correct. Anyway, there's your warning!

  • 'Too Far' Storyboards from Lauren Zuke!

    Lauren Zuke released a bunch of great storyboards from the latest episode on her Tumblr!
    some boards from the end of too far… i really enjoy drawing smiles, especially peridot’s… more drawings under the cut, and i’ll post more boards later too! 
    hilary, rebecca, ben, kat, and matt really helped solidify this episode it’s great to come together on the little moments…the big moments… well the more i type the more i ruin the mystery of animation and sound dumb. but a lot of heart went into this one. 
    thanks again so much for watching!!!
    Check out all of her adorable faces, after the break!