• Nightly Discussion #530

    What's rocking tonight, everyone? Anybody have any cool Saturday night plans?

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  • Meep Morp #517

    We have an excellent mish mash of meep morps tonight!

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  • Official Upload of No Gem Wars At The Table

    Hey, what do you know! Another official track from the amazingly talented individuals behind SU's background music! Dang, I didn't notice during the episode how chill and calming the songs were. This is definitely a chill jam. Play this for your kids as a lullaby, seriously. The chillest.

  • Cosplay Compilation #32

    Check out these sweet as heck cosplays! They are totally rad!

  • AMV: Confidence

    Why shouldn't gems be confident? They're ageless beings with technology far surpassing that of Earth, and likely many other planets in the universe. They can summon weapons on command, and they can't be defeated from bruises and cuts. Gems are a tough bunch, and they sure know it!

  • Fan Theory: Jasper Returns an Anti-Hero!?

    Jasper has made her loyalty to Homeworld no secret. One would think Peridot would hold the same loyalty, but it seems her low rung on the social ladder made it easy to persuade her to seek a better life for herself. But Jasper is a soldier and a war hero, she fought against Rose Quartz and her ideals, and to protect her home. So will she ever become a Crystal Gem? Or will she continue to terrorize them until Homeworld eventually manages to retrieve her?

  • Steven Universe "Gem Harvest" S2E8-9 REVIEW

    What do you know, a half hour special that didn't rip our hearts out and leave us with more questions! Well, maybe a few questions, but no intensive gem history mysteries! It's nice to get back to slice of life and remember that Steven is still part human - and Rose wouldn't want him to forget that.

  • Fan Theory: Singular Versions of Gem FUSIONS?

    Here's a fan question that's gone around before! Can gems that are fusions also be non-fusion, singular gems? Can any gem be dug out of the ground, or are there certain ones that can ONLY be achieved through fusion?

  • My thoughts on: Gem Drill [Steven Universe]

    HappyGoLucky is here again to give her thoughts on that horror-esque episode where Steven and Peridot drilled to the center of the Earth and could have died! And also they got to meet the cluster (well, Steven did, anyway). Really interesting to see it really was a giant gem monster, although it did leave fans skeptical if it was really large enough to destroy the entire Earth.

  • Story: This Harmony

    [Adventure] [Sad]

    Author: AbelQuartz
    Description: Steven, Connie, Pearl and Peridot are off in the Beta Kindergarten looking for the monster that ran off after Jasper’s failed fusion. When Steven and Peridot find it, however, Steven gets himself into a situation far beyond his grasp…
    This Harmony