• Nightly Discussion #359

    I still think it's amazing that not only were Ruby and Sapphire obviously flirting in 'Hit the Diamond', but Lapis outright said it! She confirmed it! It's a a great small step for more LGBT representation in children's media. To older fans, they obviously know Ruby and Sapphire are in a relationship. To kids, it may not be so obvious. Sure, they've hugged and kissed and held hands, but most heterosexual couples in media actively kiss on the lips if they're "a thing." TV's not quite there yet, but I feel SU is headed in that direction. If the show is around long enough, perhaps it could actually happen. There has definitely been a significant amount of progress made since the 'What Was Missing' episode of Adventure Time, so I think CN is headed on the right track to proper representation!

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  • Drawing Things Out #343

    We've got another great art post lined up for you tonight!

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  • Fan Theory: Steven's Telepathy

    Many of Steven's powers are still shrouded in mystery. Some of his powers are revealed after they've already been subtly shown for quite some time. There are even powers, like his ability to connect to gems through dreams, that Rose did not possess, or did not use. Check out this interesting theory video about Steven's telepathic dream powers, below the break!

  • Steven Universe the Movie (Trailer)

    Check out this neato fan trailer for SU! Interestingly put together, but still pretty cool!

  • Animation: Vegito's Alternative Fusion Dance

    DBZ Abridged VS SU not enough crossover for you? Then this animation may be right up your alley!

  • Fan Theory: Pearl's Corruption Arc

    Are the SU comics canon enough to reveal plot points about the show? The show itself is always giving subtle references to future pieces of episodes. Most fans either don't notice these clues, or don't know how they fit into the big picture, which leads to a ton of fan theories. But not a lot of fans seem to speculate about events that have occurred in the SU comic series. Check out this awesome speculation video from Desknight, below the break, and let us know what you think in the comments!

  • Steven Universe Meets DBZ abridged 30

    It's another exciting crossover episode of DBZ Abridge Meets SU!

  • Comic: Enjoy / Been Through A Lot / Samethyst

    The Homeworld gems are having a rough time.

  • Animation: Crystal Gems / Powerpuff Girls Mashup

    With the reboot of PPG airing on CN, what do you think the odds are for a crossover episode? Maybe another April Fool's Day special?

  • Story: Mug Shards and Hospital Visits

    [Dark] [Sad]

    Author: CiaranthePage
    Description: Pearl has always been fragile, they knew that. They were hesitant. She was getting better, there was no reason for her to crack under the pressure of watching Steven. That's what Garnet thought. But Garnet isn't always right.
    Mug Shards and Hospital Visits

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