• Nightly Discussion #146

    How is everyone tonight? Maxin' and chillaxin'? Looks like Lapis is wearing the wrong outfit for this time of year. Oh, wait, the Cartoon Network studio is in Burbank, so I suppose her outfit is perfect. I hope we get to see more gem outfits in later episodes! Have a great chat!

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  • Drawing Things Out #138

    Hope Peridot's fingers have grabbed you enough to check out tonight's awesome art post!

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  • Fan Theory: Amethyst's Betrayal

    It's really cool that because SU is based on race of aliens, there is A LOT that's unknown about them. Gems are an all new race and culture that we only get to explore as far as Rebecca Sugar and the Crewniverse will allow us. Check out the latest theory about Amethsyt, after the break!

  • Spotlight Music: Steven Universe Medley

    Giselle the Gazelle put together an awesome SU medley! I love all these song medley's that fans come up with. Nobody seems to have the same arrangement, so it's always cool to hear how they bring the songs together. Check out the video and song, after the break!

  • AMV: In My Life

    Check out this awesome Pearl centric AMV! It's amazingly well put together and transitioned super well and fluidly. Watch it, after the break!

  • SU Corrupted Gems Concept Sketches!

    Guy Davis helped out with some original concept sketches for Steven Universe. Even though his sketches look super cool, unfortunately his designs didn't end up in the show. Check out some of the first concept art of the gem monsters, after the break!

  • Happy 2 Year Anniversary to Steven Universe!

    2 years ago today, Steven Universe began airing on Cartoon Network! Be sure to celebrate by marathoning SU in the intended airing order. So, when did you get into watching Steven Universe? What was the first episode you watched? What episode hooked you into watching the show long term? Happy 2 year anniversary to SU, and here's to many more! (Also, the photo above is from the episode 99/100 recording. So guess who's showing up in that episode?)

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  • Comic: Bear VS Boot / Sing / Earth Tech

    The adorable Peridot is starring in today's comics! Click for full view and all the cuteness.

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  • Rose Won't Say She's in Love

    A few cosplayers got together and made this great music video! Check out Rose and the Crystal Gems, after the break!

  • Animation: Not My Wallet

    A silly animation with Steven, Amethyst, and Peridot. I can see Amethyst doing this on purpose to mess with Peridot. Check it out, after the break!