• Nightly Discussion #45

    Welcome to another edition of Nightly Discussion! So, we've seen all of the Crystal Gems, excluding Steven, fuse with each other. We've even seen one fusion with Rose Quartz. But there are still a lot of possibilities out there! There's only been one Jasper or Lapis fusion so far, we've never seen Peridot fuse, and knowing that Steven can fuse with humans, well, that opens up all of beach city! So, what fusions would you like to see in the show that haven't happened yet?

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  • Fan Dub: Connie's School Project

    A neat comic dub of one of Neodusk's works. Be sure to give it a watch!

  • Drawing Things Out #39

    Good evening ladies and gemtlemen! Yes, I finally used the pun. It was a slow news day. Have some art!

    Source 1

  • Fan Theory: Peridot's Ship is One Piece of a Giant Mech

    Check out the image above, of Peridot's ship. Now, a hand shaped ship seems a little weird in the first place, right? But take a look at the wrist. Doesn't that look a bit like some kind of port? Like that hand might attach to a bigger, full body ship?

    Consider how big that hand ship is in the first place. Consider there is a much larger ship that it attaches to. Consider that full ship is what Yellow Diamond is bringing to Earth to take over right now.

    While we're all laughing at Peridot's antics, there is potentially a massive humanoid shaped space vehicle en route to Earth, the likes of which hasn't been seen since the first gem war. If it has appeared on Earth before, it's probably what the temple mega fusion first fought.

    Anyway, the mega temple fusion fighting a huge ship in the final battle for Earth seems like great finale material. So what do you think? Is Peridot's ship just one piece of a bigger space station?


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  • Spotlight Music: Sardonyx

    A couple of Tumblr users decided to collab and write a song about Sardonyx! The audio is a little low, so be sure to turn up your speakers. It's a super cool song. Be sure to listen, after the break!

  • Comic: Kunzite / Got Your Nose! / Pffttt! / Outdated / Peridot's Helmet

    Fun with Steven and the Homeworld Gems!

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  • AMV: I Am Not a Robot

    Lapis Lazuli AMV for your Monday! Wonder if we'll be seeing her again soon?

  • Jennifer Paz Appreciation Post!

    Now, it's no secret that celebrities, no matter how popular, are just regular people on a normal basis. But finding time to interact with fans through social media can often be a challenge. Still, Jennifer Paz, voice actress of Lapis Lazuli, showed that she has no problem humoring the fandom! When @jeboning sent this Tweet off to @Jennifer_Paz, she never expected a reply.

    That's pretty cool! It's great that the Crewniverse is so receptive to the fans, and appreciates our creative works.

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  • Comic: Humans Are Interesting / Trick / Do Pearl! / Summer Fun Barbecue! / Sunscreen / Letter

    Steven and the Homeworld Gems are the subject of this comic post! Click them all for full view.

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  • Another Craft Compilation Post!

    The fandom does it again with another great round of awesome crafts! Check after the break for even more creative works! Don't forget to check out the sources! Some of these items may be for sale or have more photos available.

  • Animation: Peridot makes a Terrible Mistake

    This is a cool animation! My only problem is that there isn't any sound to go with it. Still, the animation is very fluid. Make sure to watch all the way to the end!

  • Peridot's Sexual Identity

    Peridot realizes her true self.