• Nightly Discussion #206

    That certainly was a doozy of an episode today! Totally worth the wait. And there's another one in just eighteen and a half hours! Heck yeah! Have a great chat, and keep all talks of episodes that haven't aired yet out of this comments section. :D

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  • Drawing Things Out #199: It's all Ruby and Sapphire Edition!

    Don't think I'm joking. Art of these two has been pumping out since the first SB4 Promo.

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  • 'Log Date 7 15 2' Sneak Peek!

    What better way to end the start of the Steven Bomb than with a look at the last episode of the week?

  • Happy Birthday Charlyne Yi!

    Happy Birthday to Charlyne Yi, the voice of Ruby! Go ahead and check out her YouTube Channel, since she doesn't seem to have twitter. But she did write a book, which you can buy!

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  • The Answer - Episode Discussion/Streams

    FuzzBeed - for your finest in Steven Universe clickbait
    Ok everyone, hiatus is over, pop quiz time! No, it's not unfair to have a quiz on the first day back. Grab your pencils and let's go!
    1. How many fingers and toes do you have?
    2. If you were the president of the USA, what pet would you have in the White House?
    3. If you lived in an empty can of spray cheese, which brand would you prefer?
    4. Multiple choice: Your gemsona has its gem in a really awkward place. Circle the WORST place to have a gem:
      1. Bottom of left foot
      2. Back of throat
      3. Replacing your tongue
      4. Lodged deep in your brain

    Pencils down! Good news class, I won't be grading this test. You can see how well you did by watching today's episode!

    The Answer will be revealed at 5:30 ET/PT on Cartoon Network! If you're skipping class and need a take-home test, visit one of the streams listed after the break.

  • Poll Results: What Steven Bomb 4 Episode Are You Most Excited For?

    Well, the first episode of the week was the top choice! Let's hope it lives up tot the hype! Ah who am I kidding, it's going to be awesome! Steven Bomb in an hour and a half!

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  • Comic: Swamp / Reward / What's This?

    Peridot gets some love in today's comic! Actually not really, she gets treated pretty poorly and has plenty of mishaps. Typical Peridot. Check out all the comics by clicking for full view!

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  • AMV: Family

    Flash back to the 90's early 2000's for a crossover you probably didn't expect. See if you can guess the song this AMV is set to before checking out the video.

  • Steven Bomb 4 Predictions

    Here's some interesting thoughts on the upcoming episodes. What are your predictions for the Steven Bomb?